Sunday, November 10, 2013

{Our new life}

So much has happened since my last blog post.
And I'm sure everyone who reads this blog,
reads our cancer blog and knows all about it.
But it feels that this needs to be journaled and linked to be complete.

With all this has gone on,
I am utterly amazed and completely proud of how they've found
their beautiful smiles whenever they can.
My girls, they are amazing.

A little over a week before Trav passed away 
the girls danced at half time at Sky View.
They were adorable!

Trav also passed away during this little laides soccer season.
Sienna is a good little player,
but always gets too nervous right at the goal-which has 
made scoring difficult.
About a week before he passed, she had her last game.  Most of  both of our families were able
to attend, and that little Roo scored her first goal.  In front of her Dad, at the last game he would ever be able to attend.  It was a beautiful, beautiful moment.  One I hope she never forgets.

Adyson got her new glasses.  In an adorable shade of purple.
I just can't get over how grown up she looks.
How did this happen?
Heather and her kids were able to come see Travis a week before he passed.
I love this shot. 
In the worst of time my kids will be able to laugh and smile because they 
love their cousins so much.  I am so grateful for that!

And then on October 11th, Travis passed away. I wrote all about it on the cancer blog and don't really want to recap it here.  We miss him. We adore him. And we are glad he's not sick anymore.

Since that time I've been taken care of by so many beautiful people. Let's be honest , I've been taken great care of for years , but my friends and family have not disappointed. They have held me up and helped us smile. I still feel incredibly loved even though the person who loves me most isn't here anymore. I'm grateful for that. Here are just a few pics of some if my lovely family and friends. 

The women in my family. Always there. Never have to ask. Can't imagine going through this without them.

Friends and moms and staff at the girls school. Going above and beyond to take care of all of us.
These girls. They will come over and let me be as ugly as I can be, and pretend bit to notice. Then just make me laugh till I cry. 
These are friends I haven't seen in 10 years. Still adore them and count myself very blessed to know all of them. 
Because I've been so taken care of, I've been able to help the girls enjoy life, and fall and all that comes along with it.

Here they are at the pumpkin patch. Beautiful girls.
And at the pumpkin walk with cousins.
And here they are taking over my bed! Little stinkers!
And the girls have friends loving them and taking great care of them also.  Daily they receive gifts, or cards or notes of love. They have great friends. And their friends have great parents.:)
And Halloween came. Our first, if too many, holidays without our t.  We kept VERY busy. 

Roo- the flapper. And also, gorgeous!
And Adyson, medusa. She is stunning.
The parade at school. Those smiles!
We've redone the bedroom with the help if some amazing friends. Apparently I cope by making things beautiful. There are worse ways, right? Here's sienna enjoying the view.

More gifts from auntie heather. 
The girls are surviving. Because they are amazing and happy and wonderful people. I am beyond proud of who they are. I am in awe that they are my kids and that Heavenly Father thinks I can do this. They teach me a lot of who I should be. I love these girls. Travis and I rolled into one. What a comfort.
And me? Well my Saturday nights have changed a bit.... But I will get through this. One day at a time! 


Trisha said...

I love you.

Jill said...

so glad to see you are doing well and taken care of. :) Your girls are beautiful and you are an amazing person!

The McClellan Clan said...

I LOVE YOU GIRL! Wish i could be closer!! xoxoxo! You are one STRONG chic with CUTE little chicks :)