Sunday, July 29, 2012

{Wicked and Cousin Fun}

We've had a very eventful few days around here!
The day we came home from Bear Lake my sister
and her fabulous crew came up for a visit.

For Christmas my mom gave us tickets to Wicked,
and for Breje's Birthday in May Heather gave her one too...
we hadn't let her know we were going so it  was a super fun surprise for her.

We spent the day shopping,
and LOVING the show.

 We are thinking this needs to be a tradition!

Then Heather-Jody, and Breje left for work,
and girls camp,
and left my mom with the rest of them.

Now, since my mom had Heathers kids,
you can bet my kids weren't missing a second with them.
My fabulous mom spent the entire week with 3 of Heathers kids,
both of mine, and both of Cody's.
The had a crazy,
messy...messy time.
So grateful my kids are so close to their cousins,
and so grateful my mom and dad love them so much
that they thrive on this kind of chaos!

They swam.
A lot.
 We spent a few days at the park.
 Picnics galore.
They each caught at least 2...
and Loved it!
(Here's Sienna catching her second.)
If you saw them on the front cover of 
the Old Herald Journal,
then feel free to bring it over for their autographs.
They feel famous. ;)
Here's a link to the very small pic of them.

 We all enjoyed watching Mirror Mirror in their backyard,
it was just lovely.
 And today Breje, Heather, and Jody came to pick them up 
and ended the week of cousin bliss.
Isn't Breje a beauty?
I for one, am ready to have my kids back and a little normalcy around here!
I've missed them. 
If you ask me tomorrow, I might have already changed my mind...
but for now,
it's so nice to have them sleeping in their beds again.



Trisha said...

Love the cousin love :)

Jill said...

how fun you guys went to Wicked! you have no idea how bad i wanted to go but they were sold out. I still have yet to see it. one day, one day.