Saturday, August 11, 2012

{Summer Update}

Here's a little bit of what the
Kidman Family has been up to.

I went and turned 31!
It was harder then 30...
But I'm still  alive. 

My mom took me to lunch to start 
the celebrating.

 And a few days later my friends spoiled me rotten 
at lunch.
I feel so incredibly blessed to have such dear friends.
Really, I do.
 My parents and in-laws gave me a little cash to spend on myself.
And it was lovely!!
I bought myself some school clothes for a change. ;)
 We've been watching a lot of Olympics
and playing games and doing puzzles.
 The ladies decided to have a garage sale.
I told them I was too busy to help that day,
and asked them to wait till Friday...
but they wouldn't.
So they set it up all on their own and proceeded to 
walk to all the neighbors and asked them to come.

And my awesome neighbors came!
And the ladies made enough money to buy 
the surprised they were dying for at Claires.
Heaven help me.
 I went for a late night run the other night and when 
I came home I found these 2 sound asleep on Roo's bed.
My heart still melts just looking at it.
 This one has spent a whole lot of time just playing with her 
friends.  She has loved having the summer to do whatever she wants.
 As soon as school got out we talked to the girls about
summer chores.  We told them that if they would do them 
all without complaining, without whining, and happily,
they would get to go to build a bear at the end of the summer.

And they've been pretty awesome at it.
They do them before they play every day and they never complain.
It's been really great.

So we took them last weekend to Build a Bear.

And they loved it!

 Adysone picked a cute outfit with boots and a scarf.
Very teenish.
 Sienna chose a colorful bear
with a wedding dress, veil and pink shoes.
Very-very her.
I wonder if she'll ever learn less is more.
I kinda hope not.
It's adorable.
 That night when we got home Travis and Ady had a daddy-daughter 
party for church.
So I took Sienna on a date.

 The daddy-daughter date was a boot camp,
and they both had a blast.
Bless Trav's heart for always being there
and having such a great attitude even when he 
feels awful.  My girls are so lucky.
 We've been riding around the neighborhood a lot and just tonight
a friend brought over a bike they'd grown out of and gave it to Sienna.
She actually was in desperate need of a bike and we were hoping she 
would last through the fall on her old one-
so this was a great surprise!
And she looks so big and grown up riding it!

 Adyson has some really close friends who live right in our circle and 
has spent every day with them.  They are an adorable threesome!
Tonight Nicole took Adyson with their family fishing.
Such fun!
 We all can't believe summer is rapidly coming to a close.
It's flown by.

We are getting our minds set for school now
with early bed times and schedules.

And we've finished the school shopping!
Here's a little fashion show for you.
Enjoy Sienna's completely hilarious facials and poses.
 And Enjoy Adyson appeasing me while she rolls her eyes.
I swear she's a teenager.
Hope everyone is enjoying their last few weeks of summer and freedom!

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Chris and Leslie said...

Fun Fun! Hope your birthday was great! Btw, love love the clothes where'd you get them?