Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bear Lake

This last week we took a little mini-vacation to Bear Lake.
We decided to try to enjoy Trav's few off-chemo weeks together as 
a family.

We stayed in a condo with a pool off the deck.
The ladies loved it!

As soon as we got their Sienna schooled me in
a game of WAR.
 While Adyson and Dad read together.
It was lovely.
 Then we headed to our first ever 
Pickleville Playhouse play.
It was so much fun and fantastic!
After the show we had a great dinner
and headed to swim til bedtime.

 Then in the morning we headed to the lake.
This kid could live there.
 And so could she!
Beach bums I'm raising.
 We made a stellar sand castle, with a working moat.
Don't be jealous.
 And then we stopped at Labeaus for lunch.
Cuz you have to.

So nice to spend a few days just the four of us as a family.
We are a lucky foursome.


Eileen said...

A lucky AND a lovely foursome!

Trisha said...

That was an amazing sand castle!

Chanelle said...

Hi Hayley,
Long time no see! I've been thinking about you. So glad you're in the relaxing two week phase. Sounds like the perfect way to spend it! I'm dying to get to Bear Lake and build a sandcastle and go to LaBeaus. P.S. that's a great picture of you, you look hot ;) And I hope you have a fabulous birthday!!