Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oh...Hello Blog...

Remember me?
I used to document our entire life here.

I miss it.
And am making it a goal to make you a priority in my life again.

Forgive me?

Let's play a little catch up.
 Since we've taken a break-here's what's been happening.

I was able to help in Sienna's field day at school.
You remember playing with the parachute don't you?
(I was a little jealous inside.)
I loved the parachute.

 And then she went and graduated Kindergarten!!
Oh Roo.
Stop with the growing.
I am gonna miss our half day bonding sessions next year.
She was my bud this year.
So sad it's over.
And then her sister,
my sweet Adyson,
went and had her last day of 2nd grade.
You do realize-blog, that this makes me old enough 
for a 3rd grader...
Goodness I love this kid.
The last day of school she brought home something she wrote on the
first day of school.
If this doesn't tug at your heart,
well then you don't have one.
We've spent a little time with cousins.
(Happy Birthday to Rheagen!)
Been on oodles of bike rides.
(Yes-blog, I'm sexy.)
Don't be jealous.
 Played in the water.
Cutest neighborhood award goes to us.
Pretty sure.
 Spent a whole lot of time at the good old public library.
20 minutes a day!
 Took them for cupcakes.
And was pretty happy when Sienna didn't want to finish hers.
Goodness-it was delicious.
Spent some time at good ol' Willow Park.

 And guess what blog? 
No cavities!
 The ladies have jobs to do each day.
And when they are done we make them up...
like this day where I told them to water the flowers.
(Mother of they year award?)
(It kept them outside for over an hour.)
Don't judge.
Adyson had a church activity-so I gave Sienna the option
of doing WHATEVER she wanted..
She chose to hit balls on the range.

Oh her daddy was proud!
 We've been here.
Have you?
Go now.
 Saw Brave.
I give it a 7.
Trav gave it a 4.
Tangled spoiled us.
 And blog,
guess what?
Trav's new meds have started turning his hair WHITE.

Really white.
It began with the beard,
(Sienna drew this on her ipod),
but it's working it's way up quickly to the rest of his head.
He's still a handsome devil though.
Trust me.
The ladies had a neighborhood sleepout.
They loved it!
 And we are currently in swimming lessons.
They are big fans.

And the fireworks have come and gone.
My my how time has flown by!
We went to our usual park and met up with 
our usual friends.
We love this tradition!
We passed the time by playing Yahtzee.
Adyson got her 1st Yahtzee on Roll 1 and her second on Roll 2.
 I was a little jealous.
The ladies pretended they love each other all the time for this shot.
 I adore them.

 And him!
I like him too.
The fourth we spent a little golfing time together.
(The ladies took lessons a few weeks ago.)
(They may-or may not- hit farther then me.)
 And then we went to my parents for a good old BBQ and some fireworks.
It was lovely.
I really love this Holiday.
 Oh and Blog,
we got some family pictures taken by the lovely Jeniso Photography.

Love her,
and love them.
See them here.

It feels good to be caught up.
I will try harder blog,
but please forgive me if I ignore you again.
I'll do my best.



The Fluckiger Family said...

I am so much worse than you are! You inspire me though to try, try again. Love all the pictures of your beautiful self and family! Love you much : )

Jamie said...

Hayley your blog is so fun/inspiring to read! You look beautiful and have the cutest family on earth! Miss you!

Trisha said...

I love that you are back at blogging. I really miss it :) Love you guys!

Jill said...

glad you are back. :) your girls are adorable and i love your family pictures!

Brittney said...

Alright, I will just come right out and say that I am trying to figure out a way to look just like you. I'm coming up short. You look so amazing! The pics are so so good. But really, the picture that Sienna did of Trav- now that is hilarious! Loved it. I think your little bloggity blog is smiling now. Loves!

John said...

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