Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A day at the Cemetery

Last week I took the ladies to the Cemetery in Ogden
to visit my Grandparents grave.

They were very, very close to my Grandma before
she passed away and still talk about her often.
She was something beyond special.
They were very sweet
and reverent while we were there.

 My mom came with us and told the ladies
a little about some of our relatives buried there too.
Adyson was very interested in all the history of these people.
My Dad's parent's are also buried in the same cemetary.
My Grandpa passed away when my Dad was just 12 years old,
leaving my Grandma with twin 12 year old boys and an 11 year old girl.
My Grandma must have been a Saint to raise them all alone!
So obviously I never met my Grandpa,
but my Dad still misses him and I wish I could have met him
because he sounds like a wonderful-amazing person.
I did know my Grandma though.
I was only 9 when she passed away,
but I do remember her.
She was very-very English.
And she always  had hard candy.
And I loved playing on her excersize bike
and looking for slugs in her flower boxes in their house
in Downtown SLC.
 Strange memories I guess,
but that's what stuck with me.

Yes, her name was Dorcas.
What an unfortunate name!
 It was lovely to take the girls
and talk a bit about those who came before us.

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