Saturday, June 16, 2012

To Travis

I somehow lucked out,
and married this guy.

And then-
he became a Daddy.
And I still turn to goo when I think of what a stellar Dad he is.

A good dad wakes up in the middle of the night to feed
the baby,
and says he likes it because he misses her during the day.

A good dad will happily nap and play binki police.
Only a good dad gets this kind of look from his daughter.
A good dad is thrilled with another girl,
and doesn't look back.
A good dad will do anything to get
a smile out of his little lady.
This holds true still today.

A good dad takes them camping,
even though he doesn't love it.
And is always there to hold your hand.
He will read you princess stories.

And snuggle till you...
or he falls asleep.
 He will "help" you color your coloring book.
And will sit through any princess show you desire,
and even enjoy watching it through your eyes.
He will guide you.
And teach you the art of 'dipping the chip.'

He will teach you to dance.

And rock out to "Miley Cyrus" 
whenever you want him to.
(Sleeping Beauty in hand.  Naturally).
He will play soccer in the cold with you.
Even when his rib isn't up to it.
And be the coach. 
And love doing it.
He will get his hands dirty.
And lug you up the hills.
And he wont leave your side when you need him the most.
He will help you experience new things.
And take you wherever your heart desires.
He will snuggle you when you are sick.
And when he hugs you,
you will know he doesn't really need anything else.
He will revel in your kisses.

And set a mighty example of what you should want to be like.

He will love you.
And you will never have to wonder.
You will just know.
And he will fight.
Really, really hard.
And when things get tough,
He will fight harder.
Not a second goes by where we aren't extremely grateful for 
the amazing Father-husband, and person- Travis is.
We are so blessed.

Love you Travis.
Happy  Fathers Day!


Haylee Munk Brown said...

I'm a little misty eyed. Happy Fathers day Travis! Great narration Hay!

The Hoths said...

Cutest and best post I have EVER seen! You guys are an amazing family!!

Ballard Family said...

thanks for starting my day out tearful!!! ;) what an amazing family!

Jenbow said...

Cutest fathers day blog EVER! What a guy he is!

Melissa Hernandez said...


Tara said...

Me too! Sweetest post ever!

Chanelle said...

(crying!) When you put it all together like that, it's easy to see how much he loves his daughters. They are two lucky girls.

Jill said...

LOVE it! Beautiful! You 3 are lucky girls.

Brittney said...

Oh Hay, that was so perfect! Thanks so much for posting all those awesome pictures. And seriously- I can't believe how those ladies have grown- wow! They get more beautiful every day.

Jamie said...

Oh my. Hayley, I can't see! That was the cutest post I've ever read.What a great daddy:)