Thursday, November 17, 2011

{Playing Hooky}

This past week Travis had to work in Savannah, Ga.
and I was pouting a little because I
really, really wanted to go.

I was able to go with him last year,
and I fell in love.
I was unbearably jealous.

So I decided to drag my mom into taking a
day off work, and took the girls to play hooky
for the day.

It's my opinion that all daughters
should have a night in a hotel,
with delicious food,
and lots of shopping with their moms
at least once a year.

Who's with me?

Here's my mom and the ladies.
Cause who doesn't whip out their camera at
the Cheesecake Factory?

We do.
I love these girls.
I can't say how grateful I am
to be their mom.
I'm kinda lucky.

We were pretty excited
to run into Santa in the mall.
And since I'm too cheap to buy the $30
picture, an after shot will have to do.

The ladies are crossing their fingers they will
get what they want....


Eileen said...

Ditto and Amen to all of the above! And I LOVE Sienna's smile and expression in that middle photo.

Trisha said...

I am feeling more and more that your gals are growing up! How does this happen so fast?

The Wolfley Family said...

Our mom taught us well, right?
Next time I better get to come, too!