Sunday, November 20, 2011

{Weekend Update}

This weekend:
Travis began the huge chore of cleaning out
our cold storage room.

I'm thinking that alone will send him to heaven one day.
Cause it's a big job.
And I have no desire to do it.

I ran the turkey trot 10k in the ice and snow,
and decided to spend the rest of the day laying
around in my pj's.
I decided that I earned it and savored every second.

The ladies:Put on their snow gear.
A lot.

First on Friday, when they made the
first snowmen of the year, and spent
hours rolling the biggest snowballs they could
around the house.

And making snow angels.

And then Saturday they got the sled out
and cruised down the hill in our backyard.
Those girls were flying!

And all snow days should include hot cocoa.
It's pure fact.

Here's to many more beautiful snowy weekends!
I do not hate being snowed in.


Trisha said...

I love snow days :)

The Wolfley Family said...

If I looked that cute in my snow clothes, I might actually like the snow!