Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{Family Time & #26}

I mentioned in my last post that my beautiful
sister was able to come be here for my Birthday,
and then she stayed to party all week long.
We really had such a lovely week letting the
kids tear my moms house apart, eating way too much
late night running, and watching movies.

I sure wish they could live here!!
Here's a few pics of some of the fun we had.

I was able to do Breje's hair, and think she is
just so beautiful! I adore her.
There was lots of swimming in the pool..
I tried to get a cute shot of them together,
and then realized how in the sun Tray was....So I got him to shrink down, but Kutter was over it.
He'd held still long enough!

One night we surprised the kids by putting up an outdoor
movie in my moms backyard. We bought the kids pack trays
from the theater and filled them ourselves.
Yum, popcorn, sprite, and starbursts.
The kids were thrilled when they came outside to see
their blankets and pillows all lined up, treats,
and a movie. It was pretty fun!

And you'll notice we accomplished another item off
our summer checklist.
Tye die.
Oh, and we also accomplished #7,
with no pictures...
Go school shopping.
They got spoiled and may be the best dressed
kindergartener and 2nd graders in the land.
I'm sure we will have a back to school dinner
and I will embarrass them by making them
do a fashion show, and then I will further embarrass
them by posting in on the blog.

I love this shot. It cracks me up.
My cousin Amber is here visiting from Connecticut.
We don't get to see her very often, and were really excited
to have a family party so we could see her, and each other.
Unfortunately I didn't take very many pictures because
we were too busy chatting and sitting in the shade,
but it was really fun. I love my extended family and it's always
great to see them more then just at Christmas.

Sean and Camille hosted it in their backyard and bought
a pinata, that my Aunt Sue filled to the brim (and then some).
The kids loved it.

And they seriously got more candy then they
will ever, ever, ever need.

They spent hours going down the slip-n-slide
and playing in the pools they had set up in the yard.
It was such a great week spent with so many people we love.
Only 2 more weeks before school starts and we are trying to
fit all of the fun things we had planned in!
Stay tuned....

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The Wolfley Family said...

Can't you just move here!? Please!? I wish we could do that all the time!