Saturday, August 13, 2011

{#1, #9, #11, #27}

Go to Willow Park.

We usually do this about 100 times
during the summer.
It's cheap, it's close,
and the ladies love it.

But this year we have had a rough time
making it for some reason.

We had a little picnic there today and the
loved it!

Go to the Beach.

We were able to go with some of our friends to
Bear Lake this week.

It was crowded, but really, really lovely.
The kids just played in the sand and shallow
water, while the moms
chatted, relaxed, and basked in the sun!

Adyson was thrilled to collect seashells and
build a sand city.
Roo was loving building a 'pool' with the
few boys who were there.

Me and my dear friend Candace. Total babes...The crew.
Love them.#1
Go get a Slurpee.

Done and Done.#27
The ladies also checked off going to breakfast with their Dad.
Except we cheated a bit and it was breakfast for dinner...but still,
summer's almost over so a bit of pretending is fine!


Kristin said...

I totally know how you feel ... trying to cram everything in before summer is over. How is it almost over?? Looks like you guys have had a great time checking off your list!

The Wolfley Family said...

I was so close to just packing up and hauling all the kids to Bear Lake. We totally missed out. WE miss you!