Thursday, August 25, 2011

{2nd Grader}

Last year we had a nervous little first grader.
A very cute, nervous little first grader.
Today, I sent her to 2nd grade.
I sent my very excited, not quite as little-girl to 2nd grade.

And don't want to brag...
(I only say that when I really do want to brag)
but I think she might be the cutest 2nd grader around.

This year she got very into school shopping and
spent a good chunk of time picking out the first day outfit.
We went from store to store till she settled on this.
What a cute little fashionista I'm raising!
She loved her first day.
Loved her teacher.
Loved recess.
Sat by a great friend from last year.
Didn't complain about her homework!
And couldn't sleep tonight because she
can't wait to wear tomorrow's outfit.
(Is it wrong that I'm kind of proud of her excitement over clothes?)
I adore this kid of mine.
She's so smart, so kind, so tenderhearted, and so much fun!
Can't wait to see whats in store for her this year!I must go nibble her now.
She's edible.


Eileen said...

She is so you!

Save a bite for me.

Bre said...

She is beautiful Hayley! SO glad she loves school! Heather would have LOVED to have her!

Clayton and Heidi said...

Oh how I miss the back to school clothes shopping. My mom and my sisters would meet up with my Grandma in SLC and shop, shop, shop. Then we would hit lunch and shop more. When we got home we had a fashion show with our new purchases. LOVED IT! MISS IT!

Trisha said...

Have I said lately how much I love her red glasses...

I love them. She is so darling!

Our Family said...

I would have to agree that she is pretty much the cutest 2nd grader and of course she is obsessing over her clothes, she is you after all!

The Wolfley Family said...

I love that she's such a little fashionista. Does that mean we'll be getting a little blog-world fashion show?!