Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{#17, #20, #21, #31 & Our back to school dinner}

Paint Picture Frames.
They did it-and they turned out darling.
You'll have to trust me on this one.

Read A Family Chapter Book.
The Boxcar Children.
I'd forgotten how much I adore that book.
The ladies loved it too.
I will take any suggestions for our next read....

Go Miniature Golfing.
We went last week and the ladies loved it.
Each one scored a hole in one.
And I don't wanna brag...but....I beat Travis.

Cody was the winner.
But I think he cheats.
Just Sayin'.

Help Cook Dinner.
We chose to do this one for our annual back to school dinner.
The ladies really wanted to help us cook dinner,
and then pretend we were at a restaurant and serve us.
We made our very favorite pasta dish and garlic bread.
The ladies loved squeezing the lemons, and putting the
butter on the bread.

We sat outside and they brought out a paper and pen and took our order.
Here's me and my darling waitress.

T and his.
The service was impeccable.

Trust me, it tastes better then it looks!

Then our servers sat down and joined us for
some dinner and we discussed our big plans for the year.
We decided on our theme for the year,
Be Confident.

I'm not quite ready to send them off to school!
After dinner we did this adorable back to school scavenger hunt,
found here. I changed a few things to make it fit what they needed,
and it was so much fun. The girls loved toting their
backpacks around the house and filling them up!
Dad reading a clue, Dr. Pepper in hand, natch.After the hunt we went on a bike ride,
made some yummy ice cream sundaes,
and then each child got a Fathers Blessing,
my very favorite part of the night.
I do love this family of mine!And I believe we are ready for school!
We only have 3 things left on our list...


Trisha said...

You look like you should be going back to school ;)

Love your adorable family.

Eileen said...

Ramona the Pest!

I love your life.

And your family.

And you.

Melissa Hernandez said...

Okay I always feel like such a slacker after reading your summer posts...how do you come up with such fun ideas...I feel so boring! You guys are the coolest parents ever, I Love it, and I am sure your kids love it too!!!

Kylene said...

Love the ideas. Thanks for sharing the back to school scavenger hunt. If I can muster up the energy and get the creative juices flowing, we will totally be doing it. :)

Anonymous said...

The Penderwicks series is a definite must read! Our family loves them.

Happy Home Fairy said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed the Back to School Hunt! :-)

The Wolfley Family said...

Cutest waitresses EVER! And why do I not have that pasta recipe?