Sunday, August 21, 2011

{Camps & Lessons}

A good chunk of our summer was full of camps and lessons.
So many, in fact, that between our checklist,
vacations and birthdays, we haven't had
any down time.

Next year, I've gotta cut something out!

That being said, they loved every single thing they did.

They did a 2 week Art Camp at the AVA.
Adyson did it last year and loved it,
And Sienna was thrilled to be old enough to participate this year!!

The theme was the future.
They made robots, costumes, kaleidoscopes, paintings,
and they do a few days of cooking, as well as dancing and music.

It's fabulous, and the ladies love it.
The last day they do an art show where their art is
on display like in a gallery.
Then they put on a show-displaying some
songs they've learned, and dances, and this year

Here are the ladies singing.
And Adyson dancing...with a boy!
They weren't thrilled about that....

And Roo, drumming.
That kid likes a crowd.

They also attended Golf Camp.
An hour every single week, the whole summer long.
Dad was so proud!
And have you ever seen such cuteness on the golf course??
Love their pink clubs!

They also took 2 weeks of swimming lessons,
which, mother of the year that I am,
I took no pictures of.

They loved them. Lots.
And have turned into little fish.

I'm glad I managed to get this all documented
before school starts (in a mere 4 days!)

I love fall though, so I'm not complaining.
Peace out.

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Our Family said...

You are mother-of-the-year! Pictures or not! What a busy summer you all have had. I love the girl's pink golf clubs :)