Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Adyson: a cure part 2.

Doesn't have as many nicknames
as her sis.
She goes by
sometimes Diva,
and of course Ady.
And yes, when she's in trouble,
she gets the full name too.
if you were wondering.
Adyson is sensitive.
And if she loves you,
well you are lucky because she
knows how to love.
She's girly.
Like this weekend she discovered that
the mirrored cabinet in her grandmas bathroom
opens on each side, so she can see herself
Oh boy!
She's spent hours singing,
brushing those beautiful locks,
and doing who knows what in front of the mirror.

And she's just a little 'nerdy'.
Now stop. Don't think I'm being mean,
because I mean this is the best of ways.
She just has this nerdy quirky giggle that could
make the grumpiest of people smile.
And she loves all things Science related.
And she's smart as a whip.
The kid can read. I mean, holy cow!
Reading is her thing...if you know what I mean.

Ads is always surprising us with what she likes.
Like she loves to play with matchbox cars.
And loves to learn about bugs.
And she begged to wear this cardigan to school 2 days in a row,
because she loved to wear it like a cape...
you see it right?
Super Ads!

Sure love this kid. She's smart, and funny,
and really caring. And she's really,
to love.
Top Photo by:Brooke Snow

Yes Cody: I corrected the spelling error. Geez.


Eileen said...

You look hot in that last pic.


Is there an echo?

But you ARE hot. Mine was just a lucky shot.

And your girls......? Well. They have no other option but to turn out hot

Amy Johnson said...

the word is angle not angel

this is cody

Mortons Love said...

Cardigan as a cape? It's going to catch on like wildfire!

The Wolfley Family said...

Ahhh, I've been waiting for this one. What a cure.

I'm loving that Cody had to correct you. Feeling good about that?

Trisha said...

I love her red glasses so much!

Anonymous said...

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