Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{V-day Happenings}

Sienna had her Valentine Party for pre-school.
She was very excited to wear her new
V-day shirt.
Fun was had.

And poses were made.{Friday}
Adyson had her Valentine Tea at school.
Yes, she's beautiful.

When asked how the tea was, she replied-
"It was so embarrassing! The boys had to serve us!"
Don't let her fool you, she loved
of it.

I took these "Sweetie Pies" to Relief Society
to hand out during my lesson.
I saw them here, and had to find a reason to make them.
(Plus I was crossing my fingers they'd be too busy
to actually
to the lesson. :)

{Valentines Day!}
Adyson before her party at school.

I love this face!

She chose to make an ipod for her card box at school.
Trav came through and figured out how to make the
screen an exact replica.
Ya, he's dad of the year.
Roo and I met a friend at Cafe Rio for lunch.
Did you know Mondays they have a Chili relleno special?
They do. And it would by my 4th choice for a valentine.
(Just behind T and the ladies.)

Before T came home the ladies and I wrote what
we loved about T on hearts and hid them all around the house.

Both the ladies had so many fabulous things to say
about their pops. Made me proud(er) of my man.
I do love him.

While we were making them the girls told me I should write
"Kiss Me!" on one, and then they giggled.
So, I totally wrote it and hung it on the door,
so he'd see it right when he got home.
And I did get a smooch when he came in.

For dinner we had pie.
Yes, just pie.
Chocolate cream and Peach butterscotch, my favorite!

And then we gave the ladies their gifts, and made sure they
knew how much we love them.
It's a lot, if your wondering.
I love my valentines!


Brittney said...

You just kill me with your awesomeness. I sure hope that's a word. And my goodness you are gorgeous. I was adoring the pics from your last post. Trav's a lucky man!

Eileen said...

Your lesson was fabulous! As were the treats. We all felt very loved. And special.

KIRSTEN said...

Dessert for dinner, is always a fabulous thing! What a great weekend!!

Mortons Love said...

Those are awesome pie-sicles!

Becca said...

You are making me tired with your domestic-ness! You are such a cute mom!

Trisha said...

What a fun Valentine's!

Jill said...

love the ipod idea. so cute!

The Wolfley Family said...

Sienna posing makes me so very happy!

Melissa said...

cute cute!! those pie pops look insanely yummy...you should add them to your cooking blog (wink wink)!!

Alder Family said...

Your girls are so cute and I love all the posing!
Braden told me that the girls didn't learn any etiquette at the Valentine tea-the boys had to serve them and the girls just sat there! We have a ways to go at our house :)

Jamie said...

WOW, why can't I be more like you!;) What a fun Valentines day! Decorations, fun ideas, the whole thing! Maybe next year I will try a little harder;)