Friday, February 25, 2011

{Summer Project}

My friend Amanda had a brilliant idea.
She's calling it,
The Summer Project.
The idea is to post your favorite
unblogged, or previously blogged picture(s) of summer.
Then tell your friends to do the same thing.
She says it could be like summer in our own tiny corner
of the blogging world.
I love this idea, cause it's snowing.

Check out a few of my favorite summer pics, then go post yours.
You will feel warm and toasty.

Bear Lake with Friends
Adyson and the worm, fishing-First Dam
Somersaults at the park

Looking up

Just plain munchable


Loving Ladies at the pool


Mortons Love said...

These are gorgeous! Seriously make me so happy! Thanks for playing along.

The Wolfley Family said...

I'm feeling warmer already!

Melissa said...

do your girls every take bad pictures? they are just too adorable! Okay, I am totally loving the idea of summer pictures!! Think it will make it come any quicker??

Jami said...

Love the pics! Making me even more anxious for warm weather!