Friday, February 4, 2011

Say Cheese

Sing with me now, in your head
the Chucky Cheese song.

Chucky Cheese's: where a kid can be a kid.

Sienna has been singing for months now,

Chucky Jesus, where a kid can be a kid.
(Don't worry, we keep correcting her, and I think she's got it now.)

Both ladies have been begging us to go there and for Christmas my
Sister in law Michelle gave us gift cards so we could make their

As we walked through the parking lot to get to the entrance
they were saying things like,
"This is almost as good as Disneyland!"
Can you see their excitement?

Sienna showing off one of our 99 tokens.
Yes, 99.
There was fun to be had friends.Adyson was just as excited, and couldn't wait to see how many
tickets we could get so she could get something

While we sat down to eat our pizza
Sienna looked at me with sad eyes.
Apparently the whole reason she wanted to go there
was to see Mr. Cheese himself.
Mr. Cheese hides out with the Birthday parties,
but we happened to walk over right as he was leaving,
and it made Sienna's whole month.
She lit right up, and gave him a big squeeze.

Adyson, who claims to be 'too grown up'
for almost everything these days, was pretty excited to hug him too.

It was a really fun day and a dream come true for the ladies.
Thanks Michelle for the fun!


Hanne and Fam said...

Lexi has been begging for months and months to go there. We may actually have to go someday.

Jill said...

This is where allie decided we are going for her birthday this year. she talks about it all the time.
it looks like fun!

Aaron and Mindy said...

What is it about this place!!!! My kids talk about it ALL the time!!! We went to Boondocks for my nephews B-day a few weeks ago, you would have thought that would have cured them right. NO now they are saying when do we get to go to the REAL Chucky Cheese. Heaven forbid.

Michelle said...

Im so glad you had fun. I was so excited for Christmas, just to see YOUR faces!!