Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Adyson had a TaVacit concert last weekend, and I tell you what, it was cute stuff. This kid enjoys performing. And the spotlight. And make-up. And glitter. (So it was a gooood night for her.)

(She begged for the red lipstick again.)
And if your child takes TaVaci, then you already know that the costumes are kind of, really, not cute at all.
But she loved it, so I'm glad she at least was happy!
I asked to take a picture, and instead got a whole modeling session....

Love her and her spunk!
Her adoring fans.
Ens took this one of me and T. Does T look a little crazy or what?
And guess who came after the darling concert? SANTA!
Sienna asked for an American Girl doll, fearlessly.
Adyson sat on his lap,and said "I want an American Girl Doll, not a lookalike one, and lots of accessories. Then she was done. Quick, and bossy like.
Shes got a great little singing talent, and I'm so proud of her! Twas a good night!


Eileen said...

[exhale] My little girl is growing up. No video?

Mortons Love said...

Am I the only one who doesn't know what TaVaci is? I gather a singing extravaganza... Macy would love. Super darling. (even the red collar.)

Trisha said...

She looks lovely in red!

Our Family said...

Not the cutest outfit in the world, but she could make a sack look cute! I remember watching little Tristan sing in TaVaci and it was darn cute :)