Monday, December 27, 2010

Pre Christmas Action.

I am undecided if I like the actual day of Christmas better, or all the build up. It's a complete tie. I really love all the traditions and excitement that comes before the big day, and the anticipation.

Each year on Christmas Eve morning, Mrs. Claus leaves the ladies a surprise. It's always a shirt to wear Christmas Eve day, and a small surprise. This year, she knew that we had cousins coming, so she brought the surprise the day before my sister and her family came. The girls FREAKED out when they saw they had a gift under the tree, and Adyson was amazed that Mrs. Claus did it early, just so her cousins wouldn't be left out. What a smart lady that Mrs. Claus is!
A cute new shirt for Christmas Eve, and some color wonder finger paints to keep them occupied during the day. How exciting!
And I was just about as excited to get some sister time in! Christmas Eve Eve, Heather, Breje, my mom, and I were able to get some girl time in. (We missed you Amy!) We shopped and tied up loose ends, and ate a delicious meal at Hamiltons.

Me and the beautiful Breje.
Mom and Heather.
That night my dad was very excited to take the Grand kids to a ladies home in Richmond. The whole front room is a Christmas village. My dad is a sucker for a good Christmas village, so we made the trek in the seriously foggy weather. It was an amazing village and really fun to see.
Kutter and Adyson. Kutter could have been at the Aggie game, but opted to stay home to play with Adyson, that melted my heart. What a cute kid he is!
Roo was a big fan.
The gang.

The Pre festivities were kind of awesome. I am so lucky to have such a beautiful family!


Our Family said...

I love the build-up to Christmas also! It is just as good. I love the Mrs. Claus idea! What a good/fun mom you are :)

Melissa said...

I love the look on the girls faces opening their presents...cute cute!

Trisha said...

I think I know that house in Richmond! So fun that they do mini tours...

I can't believe how grown up and gorgeous Breje is. It feels like she was just born!

The Wolfley Family said...

Man, we miss you guys!

KIRSTEN said...

Christmas Eve is so also my favorite. It is definitely all of the build up! Love the Mrs Claus idea. We had Elfy bring a few things from the north pole early, since we headed to Utah for Christmas. The ladies were so excited because our little friend even made it to gma and gpa"s!