Monday, December 6, 2010

The Ladies go to College

Oh my.
Someone help me.
I'm raising girls.

If your not feeling bad for me yet, let me tell you a little about Sunday afternoon.

Sunday was lovely. I mean really, really lovely. The diva's played together while T and I did nothing. We lounged, and watched t.v. We played on the computer, chatted, and napped. But we really didn't parent. The ladies were being so good. It was heaven.
(This isn't the part you are supposed to pity me...but it's coming. Ready? Here it is.)

They came out dressed like this: (both were in their pj's last we saw them). Every hair thing we own was in their hair. (These pics just don't do the amount of flowers they wore justice). Then....they declared they were off to college. When we asked what college they were attending they declared "high school college!"

Then we asked what one does at "high school college", and do you know what they said?
You will feel so sorry for me when you hear.

They meet boys.
And date them.
(Let the pity begin.)

If you are wondering, I did ask if they kiss those boys and they both gave me the stink eye. At least they think kissing is still gross.

I'm off to read a parenting book about how to raise little girls who wanna be big ones. Wish me luck.


Kylene said...

When you're finished reading that book you better send it to me. We are swimming in the same sea!

Our Family said...

At least they aren't playing kissing tag just yet! You are in for it though. I love the accesorizing--no doubt got that from you friend ;)

Melissa said...

oh my gosh, i love your makes me giggle....they are going to be handfulls, I think I may be in the same boat in a couple years! LOL!

The Wolfley Family said...

Well this just made my morning!

Mortons Love said...

Let me know what you find out!

Jenny said...

My oh my! You have your hands full.

Trisha said...

Good luck with that. I will need some advice soon since Haven is proving to be a diva at age 15 months.

Tom and Debbie Goodwin said...

Hayley, like I've said before, I pray for you every day . . . but I've never told you why! ~teehee~ It's because I have two daughters too, and I pray that your teenage years are easier than ours were. :P