Friday, December 17, 2010

A Christmas Program & Some funnies.

Adyson had her Christmas concert at school on Thursday. Poor kid wasn't feeling too hot while she was up on the stage, and instead of her normal smiling face and animated attitude, we got a lot of yawns, and very minimal smilage.
But yes, she's still adorable.
(After the program we went up to her room for snacks and she was burning up with a fever. It's gone now, and we are praying it stays gone. Chant it with me: NO sick kids for Christmas!)

I wish Adyson could have seen how proud Sienna was of her while she was up there. Sienna just stares at her in complete awe and grins the whole time. She idolizes her big sister, and I find it melt me into a puddle cute.

The ladies this week have been cracking T and I up. They just make life sooo grand, and because I don't want to forget, and in case you need a smile, I'm gonna share a few examples.

Adyson was in our bathroom today and apparently there wasn't any toilet paper left, so she asked T to bring her some.

Trav, being the super funny daddy he is, brought her a tiny square. When he handed it to her she looked at him like he was completely stupid, and said "Real Mature Dad, Real Mature."

(I'm left to wonder if she knows what the word mature means.)

Sienna has been completely smitten with our new house elf Skeeter. She loves him and I often find her blowing him kisses before bed. Last night she ran in the kitchen before prayers, and whispered to him that she really hopes he will tell Santa that she wants some Twinkle Toes shoes for Christmas. And if anyone else says they want anything, she will very quickly chime in that we can ask our elf Skeeter, and he will relay the message to Santa for them.

She's a believer.
And I dig it.
And I dig her.
And our house elf.

And lastly, do you remember this post from last year?
Well friends, Adyson is holding on tight to her big dreams and life goals. She filled this out for school tonight, and T and I couldn't hold the laughter in.

What is it that makes the drive through girl so appealing to my Adyson?

This week I have big plans to do something lovely and completely Christmassy for the big day. I'm hoping to make it a magical week for the kids, because I feel like I've been so busy working and preparing I've let a little magic slip away. Any fun ideas?


Vikki said...

Big beautiful, gingerbread houses,and reindeer food

Eileen said...

Read lots of Christmas stories. And of course, food.

Mortons Love said...

I love this. Maybe you should take her on some new family outings besides Wende's! Just kidding, of course.

My girls thought dinner by the tree was magical...

Our Family said...

What darling girls you two have--such aspiring dreams! I remember always wanting to be the girl that checks you out at the grocery store for a long time(I still do like to go through the self-checkouts ;) Let me know if you think of anything magical to do because Trav will be working almost every night, and I would love to think of some things to do with my kiddos too!

Melissa said...

i love the stories, sooo cute!

Jill said...

such cute girls. I'm chanting with you. no sick kids for christmas.

Amber Culp Family said...

Slade and I had a good laugh at Ady's life goal. I bet you couldn't be prouder.

Trisha said...

I hope you are all feeling good!