Monday, November 1, 2010

In a mood.

I'm in a bad mood today.
Like, a really bad mood.

Ask Travis.
Or my mom.
Or the 14 people who texted me and got no response.

I hate waiting for results.

It's just not fun.

Anyhow, while I waited today, I managed to fall asleep on the couch, twice, making it impossible for me to fall asleep now.

So I'm sitting here feeling guilty for how grumpy I've been all day, and feeling so thankful for the many, many things I have that make me happy.

Like my little Enna-Roo, who snuggled me today and let me scratch her back for like half an hour. My 4 year old doesn't normally sit for half an hour, so this is a big deal. I loved every second of it.

And Ads, who told me I was a pretty mommy today. I so needed to hear it. She's always full of something kind to say.

And my friends. Who brought me dinner tonight, like they do every 3 months when T has a scan. And who told me they are good enough friends that I don't have to put on a happy face when they get here, they are totally okay with pissy Hayley.

(It's my blog, I can say pissy if I want to.)

And family. Like my poor mom who knows not to call me on scan day, even though I know she's dying to call me and see how I am. And I'm so thankful that they get that I haven't called them today just cause I don't feel like talking and spreading the grumpy. Who needs it?

And T. I'm in constant awe of my husband and his good attitude. He's in a lot of pain right now, and it's making him get a very small amount of sleep. He works a full day, everyday, and comes home less grumpy then me. He's just such a good man. I am a very luck lady. And I'm praying that he can feel some relief cause gosh darn it, he deserves some!

Also adding to things that made me a little less blah today:
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. (Thank you Adyson's trick or treat bag).
Finding some cute clothes for the ladies here.
Making my Christmas list, and getting excited to buy some fun things for the people on it.
I'm burning the most lovely of scents on my scentsy. My house smells dreamy.
Dt. Coke.
The laundry is done. The dusting is done. The bathrooms are clean. The floor is mopped. And I even cleaned the fridge (gasp!).

Tomorrow, even though I will be waiting. Again. I plan on doing it a little less pissily.
Unless we get bad news.
Then, well, watch out.

What's making you happy today? Share...


Mortons Love said...

Blue skies, smiley baby.

Fingers crossed, lots of luck today!

Eileen said...

I'm happy cuz my day is completely open! There are TONS of things I SHOULD do today, but nothing that I HAVE to do.

Did you get the EFFECTS?

One more.

I LOVE you!

Candace said...

Cute snuggly girls, good friends, a good husband, a beautiful day outside.

Hope the news is good today.

Sure love ya.

Trisha said...

Grocery shopping and errands are done and we didn't have a major meltdown.

I admire you...even when you're pissy!

Jill said...

my baby and cute kids. also like you Chuck. I love it. Is it just me or were going crazy because he kept trusting his mom. I was sooo mad that he took her to the house.
I hope you get good news. You guys are amazing and I love to read your blog, you inspire me to be better.

Brittney said...

You Hay, cause I love you. Even if you're grumpy. I bet you're a hot grumpy mama. I really like Diet Coke too. Okay, random, I know. Love you!

The Wolfley Family said...

That we got decent news today, that I'm coming to see you soon, books, chocolate, that you wrote "pissy" on your blog ....

I'm also chuckling a little, because mom and I had a whole conversation about how we spent all day NOT calling you!


Amy Johnson said...

I'm happy cause I'm home on my couch right now and not at work. I'm happy cause of the funny text you sent me about what Enna said. I'm happy cause my kids hugged me tight when I got home from work. And I'm happy cause Trav's scan came back ok.