Monday, November 22, 2010

Turkey Trot

The past few months my friends and I have been getting up at a very wrong, very dark, very cold, and often very rainy hours of the morning to go running. I'll admit, I caved to peer pressure and only went to appease my friends. But I've really loved getting my workout done before the kids are even up for the day, pushing myself a little, and mostly spending time with my friends without kids. It's been heaven, and I can tell I'm gonna miss it now that the snow has set in. And am really thankful that I caved and finally went with them. (Thanks Candace and Courtney for forcing me to come, and thanks Janette for being my running soul mate!)

Saturday we ran the 5k in the turkey trot here in Smithfield. It was actually a lot of fun, and I'm glad I did it and little proud of myself. I know a good chunk of my readers are marathon runners and think this is small stuff, but I'm still considering it an accomplishment! :)

Left to Right: Natalie Robbins, Me, Janette Woodruff, Candace Mullen, Chanelle Lund
Note: We just ran a 5k in the rain. We are total babes in real life.

(Courtney couldn't make it because she chose to go shopping in California instead. What a strange choice...)


KIRSTEN said...

Girl .. you did GREAT! You are better then me ... I don't believe in working out until after the sun has been up for at least a few hours :)!!

Trisha said...

You are awesome! You all look freezing :)

Katie Griffiths said...

You should never have started...running is much too addictive! Anytime you get up early for something, I consider it an accomplishment.

The Wolfley Family said...

You are Total babes! Tough babes. I am highly impressed!