Saturday, October 30, 2010

{Halloween Overload}

Phew! I don't want to sound like a Scrooge, but Hallelujah that Halloween is over! Every year I realize that it is a lot of work. Like, I seriously don't know how I managed to fit it all in. For reals. But I do love me some Holidays, and I'm sure by next year I will forget the headache and lack of time/sleep that comes along with this busy week. Here is how we have celebrated over the past week:

We made our yearly batch of sugar cookies, topped with as many marshmallows, candy corns, sugar sprinkles, chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips as they could hold. I'm honestly so grossed out that the divas can eat these babies when they are done frosting them...but they do.

Each year my mom has us all over to carve pumpkins. The grand kids love it, and the men in the family loathe it because they end up doing most of the work, but anything to please the kids...right?

Amy, Lucy and their beautiful blue eyes.
T helped Enna carve up a skeleton.

And Grandpa helped Adyson carve up a ghost.
Handsome Simon.
Me and T.
The skeleton.
The witch.
Next up was the ward carnival, and the ladies were so excited to finally wear their costumes. Adyson called herself a poodle girl. We finally trained her to say a 50's girl in a poodle skirt. She kept forgetting 50's and would say she was an 80's girl instead. Cute.
Roo was our little pirate. So fitting!

Then enna got to get dressed up again for her school party and parade. Here she is with her vampire cousin. Awesome.
And her cute teacher after school.
The next day Adyson had scary hair day at school. I was in love with her huge hair the day I did it. (But didn't love it so much after trying to comb it out the next day.)

She also had a class party that day and a parade. Sienna opted to walk in the parade with her. Natch.After the parade we went Trick or Treating at Trav's office, and then met up with Grandma Lorraine (who made Adyson's cute poodle skirt) and Aunt Tiff at the delicious Temptation Cupckae for some cupcakes.

Which brings us to today, the actual Holiday. The girls were quite as excited to put their costumes on as they were mid week, but they were really excited to go Trick or Treating. I got them all ready and put red lipstick on Adyson. Of course Sienna had to have some too, and then they wanted me to wear we all put some on and then decided to smooch daddy all over his face.

Afterwards Adyson said "Dad is dressed up like a lover for Halloween!"
Loved it!
Here they are, dressed up one more time.
I'm hiding the red lipstick. She's too pretty.
And have you ever seen such a cute pirate? I die.

Me and Trav (dressed as a lover).
And the best costume of the night goes to beautiful Lucy in her Lucille Ball costume. She even had pearl earrings in. Cutest thing ever. EVER!
The night ended with the kids pouring out their buckets and checking out the goods. They got a lot of goods too. I'm so happy! That means I get to steal from them!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to nap till Thanksgiving.


Tom and Debbie Goodwin said...

Yes, I agree, you'd better hide the red lipstick. You've got the cutest kids EVER!!!!

Now every time I hear Jerrod Niemann's song 'Lover, Lover' I'll think of Travis and his three ladies with a big smile.

Eileen said...

Could I please have the address of whoever was giving out the giant Twix bars. Please.

Jill said...

I'm with you- things are crazy around Halloween. It's a lot of work. LOve their costumes the glasses are the best.

Mortons Love said...

Super cute! My kids are getting stingy with their candy. I had to wait till they went to bed! Howevs, it is totally our right to steal it, right?

The Wolfley Family said...

Cutest kids ever, by far! I have to say, though, I think Trav's costume is the very best!

Melissa said...

cute cute pictures!!!! looks like you had a fun week! I LOVE all the costumes, so adorable!

Chanelle said...

Great pics, Hayley! I love Trav's costume, that's the best idea ever, I may have to steal that idea! I agree, Halloween is alot of work, but I'm sad when it's over because then I immediately start stressing about Christmas. :)