Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year.

I know that Thanksgiving is a few days away, but I have Christmas on the brain.
Oh you know how much I love Christmas, don't you?
It's better then most things.
Better then Peanut Butter, Sonic Dt. Coke, Ingrid Michaelson, and a good nap.
Yes, it's that good.

Looks like I've passed down my complete love to the ladies, especially Adyson.
She spent a good hour coloring the other day in her room, and came out with the longest advent calendar ever made. And she's filling it out faithfully.

And she's spent numerous hours, for reals:hours, looking at the American Girl catalog. (Santa didn't warn us that those would be coming in the mail, and the ladies were beyond excited that he sent them each one. Santa is currently regretting sending them because they want EVERYTHING inside. EVERYTHING.)

I'm completely content with their excitement, and am embracing it by welcoming winter. Yesterday the ladies went outside and destroyed our lovely yard of fluffy snow, and can't wait to do it again tomorrow. And today we couldn't wait for the blizzard to hit. When we heard what was coming we planned on staying in, turning on the fire, eating cookies, making cocoa, listening to Christmas music, and getting out all of our Christmas stuff. Yes, we packed it all in and it was quite honestly perfect. I'm so sad it's over!

We cleaned out the girls closets today and went through their stacks of books deciding what to donate to the DI and what to keep. Afterwords Sienna begged Adyson to read to her, and they read like this for a good 45 minutes. (I'm loving having a reader in the house, it's heaven!)
Then we decorated the house while blaring Christmas music on Pandora. What is it about those twinkling lights that make your house feel so warm? I love it!

Then Daddy made cocoa, and Sienna loaded hers with marshmallows.
Yes, then more reading. Sienna fell sound asleep before 7:00 while Adyson was reading to her, and we had to wake her up by bribing her with cookies.
She finally awoke and they ate cookies and watched TV to unwind from our fantastic day.
It's been just one of those days that you can't help but be happy. The blinds were open, the snow was thick and beautiful, the girls were (gasp) getting along!, and I just feel extremely blessed for all I have. I'm just so lucky.

I'm gonna savor this season. With a vengeance. I'm wishing you all a very lovely Holiday Season and a fantastic Thanksgiving. And I'm hoping you all have a perfect day, like I had today.


The Wolfley Family said...

I am so jealous of your day and enamored of your sweet girls! Will Ady make me an advent calendar?

Mortons Love said...

In some ways I feel we lead paralell lives... Been and done the American Girl catalog (last year), luckliy Santa didn't send us one this year. That shiz is expensive!

LOVE having a reader. seriously and truly. And I'm DYING over the calender. Love how she had to spell out crissmis on top of the paper, in order to perfect it.

Eileen said...

And again........no invite!? Remember, I'm up for adoption.....? And honestly, I was looking forward to the blizzard too! But my blizzard evening wasn't as magical as yours. Nice work on creating it and recording it.

KIRSTEN said...

Sounds like you guys had a fantastic day! I am pretty sure that you should come out here and decorate my house for Christmas. Your's sounds so cozy!

Trisha said...

Now I want to put up my Christmas decorations :)

Jill said...

your tree is so pretty. I love Christmas too! What's not to love. Adyson's so cute with her calendar. are you getting american girl dolls for them? allie wants one but I'm not sure she'll get one. Maybe the Target doll. :)

Morrells said...

LOVE IT! You help me get in the Holiday Season every year with your Excitement!