Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Roo

My little Enna Roo just melts my heart, to the very core.

Each night we tuck her into bed, and I kid you not, 5 minutes later she is out. Cold.
Her sweet little curls hit the pillow and her worries disappear, and she's off to dream land.
How would it be?

Tonight she asked us at 6:30 if she could go to bed. And then seriously sobbed when we told her it was too early. We tucked her in at 7, and she was out by 7:02.

Love her.

And here's a little quote that I can't stop smiling over.
I picked her and cousin Simon up from school the other day, and when we dropped Simon off she told me,
"Mom, Simon keeps telling me Zucchinis are clothes, but I know he's wrong and it's Zubikinis that are clothes."

Can't fool her.


Amy Johnson said...

I love you and I'm sorry you had a crappy day (I didn't even know...). I so love your girls! They are the best!

The Falkers said...

Jealous! Mine was still up STALLING at 9:30PM! What's a girl got to do around here for some quiet time...? :-)

Mortons Love said...

Cute! We often laugh at the time Macy said her cousin was wearing a zuchinni. It's very confusing.

The Wolfley Family said...

Thanks, I needed that smile today!

Melissa said...

soooo sweet!