Thursday, October 1, 2009

A very fine day.

Saturday my little ladies woke up bright and early to ride on a float in the USU Homecoming parade. Cute, yes? They were so. very. excited. Mostly because they got pom-poms. And because they did a "Go Aggies" cheer.
Sienna actually says "Go Ady's".

It makes her happy, and it makes Adyson happy too.

They take dance with one of our favorite friends Lillian (on the left), and the 3 of them cheered their cute little hearts out together.

Did I mention that the USU Homecoming parade lasts hours?

It does.

But our little ladies loved it, and that 2 seconds of fame was worth the wait.

I guess.

Right after the parade we took off with my family for our annual fall zoo trip. Besides the fact that their was a Utah game and a BYU game, and construction. And our drive too SL took a good 2 hours, and an accident on the way home made our drive a good 2.5 hours....we had a fantastic day.

We are foodies in our family, and Cody served his mission in PA. His favorite food is the Philly Cheese steak. He loves them, and misses them terribly. He was beyond excited when he saw Moochies on Diners, drive-inn's and dives. It was worth the hellish drive just to be with him while he enjoyed his first cheese steak in years. Delish. If your wondering.
Then we were off to the zoo to check the animals out.
Simon, Sienna, and Adyson The ladies.The animals were in fine form. Ask me in person about the monkeys...they put on quite a show for us.

Adyson on the carousel. Always a favorite.
Little Enna. She could ride on this all day long.The sweet baby elephant. So adorable!
It was a lovely day, and a great way to say goodbye to the warm weather. Now we are ready for fall.
Bring it on!


Ashley Mae Photo said...

How FUN! I love that you call them your 'ladies'. You always make me smile! As do your 'ladies', they are 2 of the cutest girls ever.

Hiatts said...

What a fun day minus the set backs!

Eileen said...

First of all. Sienna's hair bow! A MUST HAVE! Really. I MUST HAVE 3 of them.

What a lovely day.

And what do you mean ready for fall? We just had our 5 days of fall. Now we're on to winter.

Jared Heather and Taegen Pete Johnstun said...

Ditto on the cheesesteaks! I love fall as well... breezes at night, sunny but not in the day, and all the pretty colors. Looks like you had tons of fun.

Brittney said...

Love it! Add me to the blog when you go private. Loves ya.

Natelli Johnston said...

oh your girls are just too cute!

Morrells said...

Very cute pics! That baby elephant is so cute! Got to love the traffic!

The Wolfley Family said...

I'm missing out on way to much. The ladies are looking cute. I wish I could have made it with Heather and the kids this weekend. The only chance I have to see them is when you and Amy update your blogs so... chop chop (I do hope you got some pics). Just 2.5 months to go. - Jody