Friday, September 25, 2009

Loving my ladies.

Can I just write a pot about how much I love my ladies? Because I. so. do.

This little lady, well, she's acting not so little anymore. She runs out of the house before Kindergarten to get in her carpool, and it's like pulling teeth to get her to say goodbye. She's just ready to go.
And....she's reading! Last night we sat on the couch and she just read to me. Granted, they are beginner books, but man, I am just so proud of her! And she loves it, and it just makes my heart so happy to see!

Her favorite thing right now? She loves to sit in her room on her bean bag and listen to her CD's. Occasionally there is some crazy dancing, and always she sings along. Before I know it she is going to be in there reading 17 magazine and rating boys.
Heaven Help Me.
This little lady, well she has just been making me laugh. Non-stop.
I LOVE this age. (I hate it at times too, I'll admit), but right now she is just so full of life, but still to young to sensor what she is thinking. She's never embarrassed to give me a hug like (ahem, her sister), and she always is giving the fam compliments. If I'm having an "ugly day", I know exactly where to turn!

This morning I woke up a few minutes before the alarm went of (for the 3rd time...), to Sienna crawling in bed with me. She snuggled right in, and said "Mama, I love you." Is there a better way to start the day?
There is not.
Granted 5 minutes later she was a bit mad because she couldn't have candy for breakfast...but still. Sienna just fills out home with joy. Simple as that, she just makes us all smile. She is funny, and so. very. spunky. I just feel so very lucky to have them.


Morrells said...

Oh my heck Addy looks way too grown up in the first picture! They are soo CUTE! I love and hate Ashty's age right now too but mostly love it! So neat to watch them learn!

mortonfam said...

They are pretty cute...Macy has gone to her room and closed the door telling me she needed some "alone time"! What is that?

Jami said...

I bet you have so much fun with them!
They are seriously so cute!

Amy Johnson said...

Dolls. Love them.

Haueter Photography said...

They are the cutest girls! I love how cute they always look.

Katie Griffiths said...

Cute pics and you capture their personalities so well with your descriptions. As for drying herbs - I just hang mine in bunches upside down somewhere away from direct sunlight and then leave them for about 10 days (depending on how warm and humid it is). When they are dry, I pull the leaves off and store them in tupperware containers. They keep for over a year. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hayley, I just have to say your girls are just adorable! I can tell they are both just special. And gorgeous! You've done well :)

Chanelle said...

That picture of Sienna with the crooked smile is so sweet. I can sure see why you love them!

The Mullen Family said...

You are such a good mom to relish the cute little things like snuggling in bed or seeing Adyson listening to her CD's. I really needed to remember to stop and enjoy them; so thank you

Trisha said...

What's not to love?