Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wanna help?

I've written about my friend Lacie, and her daughters battle with cancer a few times. (Click here and here to read my previous posts).

Well, my friend Kylene, who I'm learning has a heart of gold, came up with a VERY easy, and awesome plan to raise some money for this family. All you have to do is link Taylie's blog to your blog so people become aware of what this family is going through with a message about helping one another. Next, link Ky's blog, so they can link back and let her know they have done this. An anonymous donor will give 2 dollars per link to the Abbott family. (They so deserve this!) And, Kylene will do a drawing with all the names of people who participated, and the winner gets a pretty little prada purse.

It's a win/win. I'm just sayin.

Click here to link taylie's blog.
Click here for Ky's blog.

And my message about helping each other out is simple. Travis and I have been on the other side of things. Every penny helps. Every kind act helps. Every prayer helps. I know that in the darkest of times we've thought about those small (and large) acts of kindness and felt so much peace and hope. Can I add yet another thank you to all of you who have done these things for us? Thank you. Really, thank you. I hope that many of you will choose to do this, because this family has a tough road ahead of them. I just can't even imagine.

Off to hug my kids.


BECCA said...

Thanks for the great idea!

Guymon Family said...

My friend Tara just commented today that she can't believe it was four years ago today that they found out their little 2 year old boy had leukemia. and today he is a happy healthy 6 year old boy in remmission. I just watched a video they made for him, and it is amazing to see how far he has come. The video said 25 years ago 5% of kids with leukemia survived and today it is 73%. It is so hard to see people we love just beginning this battle. You are a true friend to support their family so much. They are lucky to have you.

Kylene said...

Thanks for posting about this Hayley.

KIRSTEN said...

Hayley ... I think someone should mention to this family about doing a turkey trot fundraiser. We are coming to the parents for thanksgiving this year. When in Denver we run the turkey trot ( a 5K) thanksgiving morning, and have been looking for something like that in Logan ... but there is nothing. I think they would have a successful fundraiser, and I would bring my entire famillia. IT would also be a great way for families to come out and start their holiday off!

Dustin and Shelli Chambers said...

You are so sweet Hayley, what a good idea.
By the way, I would for sure love to do a family session in Smithfield. Just email me when you are ready to book something...