Friday, October 16, 2009

unloading the camera.

It's been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged, and I still have nothing to blog about. (It's pretty dull around here!) So I've decided to unload my recent pics and show you all what you are missing.

Caution: You weren't missing much.

A squeeze from the plaid wearing ladies. (Plaid is back baby!) A beautiful smile. (I could eat her).
And a rainy afternoon activity. The girls doing each others hair.
Interesting, to day the least.

Adyson combed and combed, and combed some more, and just couldn't figure out why Enna's hair wouldn't go straight.
She was awfully frustrated by those lovely curls.

Then Sienna got a turn. Can someone tell me why they whine when I do their hair gently, but when they each rip at each others hair with a brush, they enjoy every second...

Yep, that's all I got. Hopefully something exciting and blog worthy will pop up in the future.
Till then.
And I really am going to close this baby up when I find the time. Hopefully Trav will help me do it this week...if we aren't to lazy, or too busy.
And for those of you wondering how to invite more than 100 peeps, you just have to get another e-mail, and invite yourself to be an author again. Each author can invite 100 people. (or so I'm told, I will try it and lyk).
The end.

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Jamie said...

Girls are so adorable. Doing hair and such... boys are so. very. different. :0 Fun though;) LOVE the one of the plaid shirts...darling!