Monday, October 5, 2009

{UEA} {Private}


I pushed my snooze button 4 times this morning before finally crawling out of bed. And then I woke Adyson up 5 times.
How is it Monday already? How?

Even though we are back to the real world, I am still feeling all relaxed from such a lovely weekend. I officially am a fan of UEA. My sister and her beautiful kiddos came up this weekend, and we packed in as much fun into 4 days as we possibly could.

Friday. was. awesome. We got babysitters for the whole entire day and spent the day kid less, lunching, shopping, and laughing. Only Amy was missing this trip and it's never quite the same without her! That was the highlight of my weekend, but I left the camera here are a few more fun things we did.
We made homemade caramel apples. I don't think I've ever eaten one before...and I realize how much I was missing out. Delicious.
We celebrated Kutter's b-day (he turns a very old 6 in a few weeks). Here he is showing off his Backugan from Adyson. (Don't worry Jody, we did get his haircut this weekend!)

and here he is with his Backugan cake. Can you tell he's excited? He and Adyson just had to have a piece with yellow, red, and black fire on it. Of course.

Sienna munching on her cake. Yum.

These 2 are still the best of friends. I will never understand how they get along so well because she really is all girl, and this kid really is all boy, but they totally make it work and just adore one another.

The girls spent the weekend making necklaces. (We are so very crafty!) Here is Breje perfecting her pieces.

I love this last picture. Look closely. Those lumpy blankets all over the floor just happen to be the cousins sleeping. 4 on the floor, 1 on the couch, and 1 to be added to the other couch a little later. Trayson needs his piece and quiet so he sleeps downstairs. This is my mom's heaven, to have the kids lounging all over her floor, messing up her house, and staying up way too late giggling. These cousins sure love each other!

I wasn't very good with the camera this weekend, and didn't manage to get pics of Brielle, Simon, and Tray, but rest assured, they were all having a great time. Brielle is so cute she just gets her way because none of us can resist her, Simon loves having boy cousins to play with for a change, and Trayson makes sure he gets all the game time in he can with Trav and Cody. It was a fun time for all...but we sure missed Jody and Amy who both were out of town. I hope your long weekend was lovely as well!
The other day I received a letter in the mail from someone asking me not to go private. Someone in their family has kidney cancer, and so they enjoy my little blog. Truthfully, I don't want to go private. I love having people know whats going on, and I love meeting new friends this way. But, my kids are now in school, and I'm not with them every second of every day. It scares me to know that strangers could easily know their names, and so even though I don't want to close this blog up, I still am. I now know (or at least think I know) how to invite as many people as I want, so if you are a friend of a friend, a random linker who just thinks my girls are the cutest (I don't blame you), or someone who has cancer, and finds a little hope in our crazy life, I'd be happy to invite you. So really, I'm closing this baby up in a few more days. Leave me your e-mail address in the comments section, or send me an e-mail. Sorry to drag this thing out!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hayley, I worked with you and Travis at Icon a LONG time ago. Your children are adorable and your blog is very inspirational. I'd like to check in every now and then if you don't mind, my email is
Thanks Amy

Kami Jo said...

I think I left a comment on the other post, but just in case - I graduated with Cody & Amy, and have followed your blog and your journey for awhile now.

Vikki said...

Hayley, I agree about going private, but I enjoy your blog too! include me please (: Vikki. email

Jill said...

I know the feeling, when Allie started I felt the same way. It's so hard because I hate when blogs are private but you just want what's best for you and your fam. Sounds like you had a great UEA. I also have a new appreciation for it. Glad to hear you guys are doing great.

Chanelle said...

Nope, not the least bit jealous of your shopping weekend. Ok, maybe a little.

How is it you've NEVER had a caramel apple? My mouth is watering just looking at those!

BTW, I'm liking my haircut but it's never looked as good as the day you styled it. Could you come over every morning, say about 8:30 a.m. and do my hair?

Hiatts said...

what a fun weekend. I love cousin sleepovers!

Lorinda said...

I don't think my UEA weekend was near as much fun as yours! I'm glad you got to have such a fun weekend :)

Jamie said...

WOW you guys have been havin some FUN! I'm jelous! Those pictures are all once again just so adorable! I can't remember if I left you my email or not...just in case, add me PLEASE!

Bre said...

looks just lovely!

Michelle said...
Dont forget your fam.

Chelsea said...

I'm one of those link jumpers... but I also work at Treehouse! I think your girls are adorable! You have one amazing family!

Trisha said...

There have been many great sleepovers on your mom's floor! The picture brought back so many memories!

BECCA said...

Hey send me an invite!

Melissa said...

YUMMO, those caramel apples make me want to run to the store and buy some goodies to make them!! i think i left my e-mail already, but just in case

Callie said...

Hi there Hayley! I found your blog through a mutual friend (Joanna) but I went to high school with Travis and like to check in on your cute little family from time to time. If you wouldn't mind, I'd love an invite so I can continue to do so.

kEnZiE b said...

Hayley I love peekin in on you and your adorable girls! I would love an invite.

Callie asked if I would send you her email so you could invite her to.

Tianne said...

If you wouldn't mind I would love an invite. My email is Your blog is very inspirational and you have some of the cutest kids around :)

Dustin and Shelli Chambers said...

Our TWO-WEEK-LONG spud harvest break (seriously!!) beats your UEA hands down! Ha Ha! School breaks are fun, glad you enjoyed yours! Please don't forget me!

Traci said...

I would love to still check up on your family! Pleas send my an invite!
Thanks! Your girls are adorable! I always want to know where you get their cute clothes!