Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What fun is.

Some snapshots of our little fam at Lagoon.
The carousel, a favorite of the ladies. It makes me sick. Simon, Sienna, and Adyson. So cute.
I LOVE this pic.

Um, do you think Sienna is enjoying herself??

She ate the ENTIRE thing. Seriously, the whole thing.
I'm sick just thinking of it.

And she ate almost this whole thing too. She's like a Carney.

The bumper cars. Side note: check out her guns...seriously, she's ripped.

We rode, ate, stunk, laughed, and seriously had a great time. Happy Birthday Amy Lou.


KIRSTEN said...

I always loved the car ride because I felt so grown up!

p.s. happy to hear that I am not the only adult who gets sick on the carousel

Eileen said...

I love Lagoon. Once every 2 or 3 years. You reminded me it's been at least 5 or 6 since we've gone. Looks like the ladeez had fun.

What a wus. At least be 40 before you get sick on rides! :)

mortonfam said...

Ahhhh stinky Lagoon, gotta love it. And where does Sienna's wide headband come from? I need one to keep Polly's frizzys at bay.

Jared Heather and Taegen Pete Johnstun said...

It looks like soooo much fun!! Your girls are so stinkin cute! Still lovin my hair... thanks again.

Chanelle said...

Good times! Uh, that corn dog scared me. It's really gross.

Hanne and Fam said...

We passed Lagoon on our way home from our trip last weekend. Lexi is dying to go. She will be so jealous if she finds out about this!

Kristen said...

Your girls look more and more alike. So stinkin' cute!!!

Clayton and Heidi said...

1. love the car picture
2. I need Sienna's workout routine. My arms are looking slightly on the flabby side.
3. Rides make me sick too.

Candace said...

I am not going to lie but I love corn dogs too. I know they are gross but I can't help it. So go ahead and eat it, Ady, eat! Logan looks like so much fun, I am glad you had a good time.

The McClellan Clan said...

I just want to pinch your whole families cheeks. I can't get enough of you guys. I swear you have the most smiley kids that also have the biggest smiles on their lips and in their eyes, if that makes sense!! Love you guys!