Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My littlest lady, Sienna, went and began pre-school today. I'm a bit weirded out that my little bug is old enough for school.

I was completely heartbroken dropping her off today.
Till I went to Wal-Mart.
All by myself.

You know, it's not such a bad place when you have no grumpy, complaining kids with you.

Taking Sienna today reminded me of taking Adyson to her first day of pre-school, and also reminded me of how totally different my little divas are.

Adyson was scared her first day. There were no tears shed, but she was squeezing my hand so tight that I could feel the nerves.
Sienna, well, she just walked right down the stairs, went in, and started playing. I'm trying to remember if she said goodbye....I don't think she did.

What a fun kid that Sienna is! She is a joy to raise, and while sometimes I think about drop kicking her (not really!) while she is being uber dramatic, I just adore her spunk, and her style, and her overall attitude towards life.
Forgive my red eye pics...for some reason I can't get picnik to save my pictures (anyone know why?)..
Sienna and Simon (her cousin) are in the same class. Her teacher said the the 2 of them didn't shut up the whole time! Poor Tana! At least they are cute, right?


Eileen said...

Oh. Say it isn't so! Pre-school!? Really? Tell me she isn't going to grow up and kiss boys too! Make them wait till at least age 18 for make-up.

Guymon Family said...

Oh how fun! Cate's first day is today! They are growing up so fast. THey were so cute and so brave for dance class. Neither of them seemed the least bit concerned as the went down the stairs to their lesson without looking back, and they held hands down the hall as I went to pick them up. Sienna looks so cute in her pics, what a fashionista!

Jill said...

crazy how kids grow up so fast.She looks so big with her backpack on walking down the sidewalk.

Melissa said...

she's such a doll!! I love my kids to pieces, but I will admit that taking a trip to Wal-Mart in the early morning with no kids sounds like pure joy!!!

mortonfam said...

Kids free shopping ahhh...
Ever try the playplace at Fred Meyer/ Smith's Marketplace? Bliss.

Haueter Photography said...

What a cutie! Going anywhere shopping without kids is pretty nice; it's just relaxing. Looks like you guys have been up to lots of fun lately. So sad that summer is over.

The Mullen Family said...

She looked so adorable!! Isn't it nice to be kid free for a few precious hours? Lucky you!

Trisha said...

I loved seeing you in person today...those girls are darling!