Sunday, September 20, 2009


Wednesday night we ran down to the Homecoming parade. The ladies are always game for a parade. Always.

They love the candy.

They really love the band.

This one didn't love the sirens so much. "Mom, they are soooo loud."But remember, they love candy. And the band. So we are smiling again. I think they are just too pretty.Friday Adyson got to be the "hero for a day" in her class. Her teacher is big on building their self esteem along with giving them the education they need. I LOVE that about her! They are studying the American flag and it's symbols, so for her hero day we had to make the "Adyson Flag". Of course, her flag is in the shape of a flower, and then she decorated each pedal with some of the things she loves.
Travis, Sienna, and I all got to come and tell the class why she is our hero, show some pics of her, read her favorite story, and show them her flag. Adyson LOVED this so much, being the spotlight for a day! What could be better? She also got to wear an "I am special sticker", a hero hat, a hero necklace, and a hero pin.

This was my favorite part of the day (and Adyson's too, I think). All of the students lined up and her teacher announced her, just like they do at basketball games, and she got to run the tunnel giving fives along the way.

What a wonderful teacher she has to do this for those kids! Adyson is such a timid little thing, and I really want her to have a good self esteem. I think she is off to a great start in Kindergarten! Thanks Mrs. H!

Saturday I spent the bulk of the day doing hair, so the ladies were chilling with dad most of the day. They of course, love this. (They are so very much daddy's girls). He decided to wash the car (after I begged him too) and let the ladies help. I think this was the highlight of their weekend. Who knew washing the car could be so much fun?
I had to include this picture because right when it was taken Sienna managed to spray directly over the top of the car and got Daddy all wet. Classic. That pretty much sums things up round' here. Was your weekend fabulous?


Eileen said...

What fun! I hope all of your kid's teachers are as wonderful as Mrs. H. But sadly, they are not. So enjoy.

You have an adorable family. I'm sure you have never been told that before.

And. I sure wish I could have seen the lovely "do's" you did for Homecoming. Next time, call me.


Hanne and Fam said...

Travis was awesome enough to let Rayden help for a little while too, while the girls showed off their 'Boom de clap' dance. Ady was so cute teaching the dance to Lexi!

Chanelle said...

Hey, we had Mrs. H. too, but she didn't do the hero thing for a day. That must be new, now I feel jipped. J/K, she's a great teacher.

Bre said...

super cute pic. I just adore your family. Looks like a fun busy weekend:) My mom said she was super cute at her "hero for a day":)