Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The diva's have been loving summer. They sleep in till the sun pulls them out of bed. They ride bikes to their hearts content. We have been finding bugs for Adyson's pending bug collection (just tonight we found and ant, a rolly polly, and "a flying bug"). The ladies have had their butterfly nets out daily (though they haven't caught one yet...), Sienna has 2 skinned knees and a scab on her ankle just where her sandals rub her foot (a sure sign summer is here). We lunch on apples and crackers. (And diet coke with a lime....mmm). The TV was on briefly today, only small doses of Sponge Bob. I don't miss him. And lastly, they just play with their friends. A lot.

This is how we found Sienna the other day...she'll figure it out eventually.
Adyson has a close little group of neighbor kids who get along so well. They spend hours together a day, roaming from house to house. And I laugh and laugh at the things they teach each other. (Adyson has learned puppy dog eyes from Lexi, and uses it OFTEN!)
Sienna is just starting to really love to play. She tags along with Adyson wherever she goes, and loves to follow a few of the girls who are just a year older then her around, but her bestest friend is Cate. As soon as she wakes up in the morning she asks if Cate can play, and it melts my heart to watch. They hold hands while walking, and at church I watched them show each other their dresses and give proper compliments along with them.
Here are her and Cate rocking out. Cute eh?

It is wonderful to watch my girls have so many cute little friends, and I think this summer they are going to have a lot of fun together.

And speaking of summer (nice segway?), could you believe the storm tonight? We opened the windows and were in awe of what was going on outside. It was LOUD and wild. The hail was huge, and there was a river outside the house, really, a raging river. We were quite worried that a flood was a brewing in the basement, but lucked out. My brother just called and told me that Smithfield is being called a "disaster area". I can imagine some people are in a mess tonight (neighbors call us if you need help!) I've heard a few houses had their wells so full of water that it blew the windows out. Crazy.

The girls were so excited to see the deck covered in "snow" which led later to a conversation about hail. Then we walked around saying hell a lot. Fun.
This is my front door. The hail came right up to it and when we opened it, it came right in.

Sienna kept finding it and eating it. And yes, I just let her. Judge away.

I don't really think this picture shows how much the water was running, but trust me, it was like a river. Would I lie to you?

Here's hoping all my Smithfield friends made it through the storm safe and sound, and dry.

For MUCH better pics click on Dave and Chanelle's blog. They live right across the street from us, and she got some good ones.

Happy Summering.


Quinn and Melanie said...

Well, it is bad news, but my sisters house filled with so much water it busted the windows out in her basement. I have never seen such a mess. Poor girl..and who ever else in Smithfield has trauma. It is 1:00 and Quinn is still out helping...what a mess!! Your girls are beauties like usual

Nyman's said...

I can't believe the mess it caused for everyone. I hope all the spring flowers and gardens weren't ruined but I'm sure they were. The girls are so cute with their friends I love it!

Jami said...

It looks like the kind of weather we get out here. We've had a lot of rain but not that much...for now anyway!

Chanelle said...

This crazy weather, I can't decide if I'm hot or cold sometimes! Sounds like most of the people flooded are ones who had field behind them so there was nothing to hold back the water. We are so lucky! I like to hear about how much your girls are soaking up summer.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

I snuck a peek at your neighbors pictures and couldn't believe it!!! So crazy! I am glad that your house didn't have any problems! I need to call my sister and see how she fared in Smithfield!

Kylene said...

I love the pic of Sienna rocking out with the guitar! So, so cute!