Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

Larry (Trav's Dad)
We love him because he has a huge heart. He is love able, funny, and easygoing.

I love him because he raised his son to be a lot like him, kind, caring, and so much fun. And he blessed him with some sweet thick hair too.

The ladies love him because he dotes on them, loves them to pieces, and makes it to as many reviews/games as possible and supports them in every way.

Mike (My pop)
We love him because he is warm, caring, hardworking, and oh so sensitive (he cries. a lot.), and so much fun to tease.

I love him because he is always there for me and raised me to know that I wanted a husband who could be a great dad like he is. And because he puts up with me and somehow loves me to no end.

The ladies love him because he makes them pancakes for breakfast on Saturday mornings, loves them so much, and is always willing to take them outside to jump on the Trampoline.


I love him because his laugh is a deep chuckle that I can't help but be happy around. I love him because he is mellow to my wild side. He is dependable, and hardworking, and funny, and fun. He is competitive, and a sore loser, and goes through more laundry than ANY man I've ever met...but somehow I love him more and more each day. I love him because he very rarely complains about his trials, and just pushes through as happy as can be. I love that he let me sleep in on Fathers Day because he never gets to spend the mornings with his girls. I love him because he is a great Dad who makes a complete jackass of himself by playing tea party with a pink wig on, or dancing ballet, just to see his girls smile. What a great Dad he is.
Plus I think he is just so handsome.

The ladies love him because he has a hard time saying no (he really does), And because he does all of the above.
And because he is Daddy.


Chanelle said...

Great dads are like rare gems, and you are so lucky to have three of them in your life!

Amy Johnson said...

This was a great post! I also love all of those dads. Larry is such a great man and I'm happy that we consider him family by proxy. Mike is indeed amazing and I also love that tender heart that he has. And you failed to mention "why we love Travis" so I will put that in for you. We love Travis because he is so patient. We love him because he is always willing to clean off the table and get a game out, he is also the one that ends up cleaning it up (unless he is throwing a tantrum!). We love him because he treats Simon like one of his own and he (you both) allow my family to raid your home so often. And I love Trav because every once in awhile we are able to give each other the "Really? Eternity?" look. He will know what I mean by that. :)

Eileen said...

My heart is now very warm.

You should have been a writer. You are so good with words. It's not too late. . . . .

I heart u!

Bre said...

I just LOVE that pic. if Trav and the girls! SO PRECIOUS!

Lorinda said...

You have some fabulous men in your life...I love them too :)

Kylene said...

So very sweet.

Candace said...

You seriously moved me to tears. I loved what you said about Travis; we really should tell our men how much they mean to us more often. I love how you write. By the way how is the rap coming? Let me know if you need help with your video:)

The Wolfley Family said...

I hope you have that picture somewhere in your house, framed. It is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a cute father's day post! It sounds like you are very blessed with the men in your life! And don't you just feel so lucky? :) And, that was the shower that you missed haha, and it's totally fine. But here's me letting you know so you don't come on Saturday (tomorrow) to an empty house. Thanks Hayley!