Saturday, June 13, 2009

Deep Talks

Yes, I'm posting again. I'm on a roll friends.

Are you sick of me yet?

I just had to write this down so I wont forget me and Adyson's nightly chats. At night she will lay in bed and we usually talk for a while, sometimes just about the day, sometimes about friends, sometimes about how "we" could have been better, and sometimes about whatever floats her boat.
Tonight was one of those nights where she talked like a little grown up. We talked about how much we love our family. She mentioned how much she loves me because I will always give her band aids when she falls, and I mentioned how much I love it when she is as good as she has been today. Just her happy, well behaved side all day. (LOVELY).
Just before I went to leave the room, I gave her a squeeze. It was filled with bittersweet emotion. In my head I was realizing that our conversation was a grown up conversation, and my little lady is only getting bigger. I realized soon enough she will be too cool to tell me everything in her heart. I realized someday, much too soon, she will be telling me about boys. And one day these conversations will take places after dates.
All too soon.
And I was really thinking about all of this tonight while I hugged her and kissed her cheek. Then I said, "Just promise me you will always be a good kid Adyson."
To which she replied, while rubbing her eye, "I love eye boogers."
And then I was reminded that for now, she is really is still my little lady. And our deep talks will always be followed by the remarks of a little girl just trying to avoid sleep.


Melissa said...

How cute! That is probably one of your favorite parts of the day, that you can just talk and she'll tell you whatever! What a fun girl she is. (By the way, I think you should watch "So You Think You Can Dance" as well. It's an awesome show :)

Letti said...

I love having these kind of moments with my kids. I am glad you remembered to blog about it because I always forget.

Ashley Mae Photo said...

Haha, I was just busting a flippn gut!! I love how your write Hayley- you are so good- keeps me laughing! Ady is so precious, they eye booger comment is killing me.

Kylene said...

So very sweet, and fun! I have moments like that too where I feel like my girls are acting way too grown up BUT then they will say something that reminds me of the reality that we're in, and that they really are still just LITTLE. :)

Chanelle said...

That's so funny! There's nothing better than those late night talks- that's the good stuff of being a mom!

The Wolfley Family said...

Thank goodness for eye boogers! Love that kid! And Sienna's moves are pricelss! I missed such cuteness this weekend. Unfair!

Amy Johnson said...

She absolutly kills me! That is a fantastic that would fit well in a book you should be writing! :) I laughed so hard and had to tell Cody! She is so funny!

Jill said...

ok so I know I've been emotional latley but this totally made me cry. I feel the same way sometimes I'll just hug her extra tight because I really don't want her to grow up. I love being the cool mom I wish she could always stay little. so sad!