Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Is For...

Playing Cinderella in the new play area. Hands on hips: Our Cinderella has attitude.
Digging with a shovel twice your size.
Bike rides. With Barbie bikes, dresses, and sunglasses. We've almost mastered hills now. (Hallefreakinlujah).
Your first clubhouse.
This is my front porch. Notice the beautiful pink on the right side?
Do you see it?
Here's a closer look.
Lucky me, Adyson has made herself a clubhouse, right on our front porch, complete with garbage, stool, and mirror. It's a beautiful addition to the porch...
Club meetings include her and Sienna and the occasional friend chatting. One time I heard them discussing "how to take care of the environment".
I wish I could say that is because I am such a great mom, and am teaching them the importance of cleaning up trash and turning off lights etc., but I'm afraid they actually learned it from the likes of Hannah Montana and her other Disney Friends on the Disney Channel.
Now that I realize how into it they are, we discuss it a lot.
So to sum up, the Disney Channel is helping me with my parental duties.
Worlds Best Mom.
And lastly, Summer is for:
Sister time. Crafting, doing puzzles, and most importantly, Happy Hour Drinks from Sonic.
Yumm and O.

What's your summer lookin' like thus far?


Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

The clubhouse is so funny! Oh to be a kid again with no worries except what to watch, where to play, and who to play with. What the life!

The Drysdale's said...

Sounds like lots of summer fun at your house. Your girls are so cute.

The Wolfley Family said...

I think I'm tearin up again! I need some sister time! Tell Ady to call me and teach me how to take care of the environment -- I love it!

Candace said...

I really need to do a better job at teaching my kids about the environment. Can I come to the clubhouse meetings too? Or maybe I'll just send the little ladies over and they can chat it up.

Jill said...

This makes me want another girl for Allie sooo bad. Your girls are so cute together. they are lucky to have each other.

Trisha said...

All girls need a sister. They look like such good buddies!

Chanelle said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's all I can say about their discussions in the clubhouse! Hilarious!

Morrells said...

Love the clubhouse! We don't see much pink around our house! Your gals are delightful little summer dwellers!