Thursday, June 11, 2009

DVR, How I Love Thee

I have 4 loads of laundry downstairs, separated, folded, and ready to be put away.

Of course this means that instead I am sitting on my couch, avoiding it at all costs, and wasting my time on my computer, also known as my bff.

I'm typing this post in an effort to regain my blogging mojo. It has disappeared along with the sun. There was a time when in my head I had a million things to blog about, but alas, my creativity is gone. It saddens me. I miss lol'ing at my blog. (Yes, I'm one of those people who laughs at her own jokes).
So to help me find my creative side, I'm going to try blogging about something other than my absurdly cute kids and our many house projects-at least once a week. I will take any blogging ideas for mission "Get my mojo Back" in my comments section.
Today's topic? The t.v.

Last night at Bunco a friend mentioned that she doesn't have Tivo or a DVR. After the gasping in the room, and the shock had worn off, she explained that it is the one thing they felt they could do without and save money.

I told her I would rather go without food.

You may know that I have some serious sleep issues. Me in bed before 1 am is rare. Very. I have tried (so hard) to change my habits, but before 1 my brain just keeps on thinking, and I toss and turn.

So instead I have just started DVRing any and everything I can get my hands on to keep my mind entertained till sleep comes to me. I realize that most of these shows are actually making me more stupid, but Frick, I love me some reality TV.
Here's just a few of my fav's.

Let's discuss "The Bachelorette". Jillian, if you ask me, has a house full of losers. Now, sure a few of them are probably decent enough, but for the most part they are a bowl full of crazy.

Foot guy, really, she's keeping him around? I cringe.
The singing cowboy, puulease! Oy vey.

I hope she keeps Kyptin and Jake around. Nice good guys. Like Travis. Catches.

And shall we discuss my excitement over Kristin Cavallari coming back to "The Hills"? And bringing her cackle too.

Oh yes, I just let the world know that I am a hills fan. Shame on me. But watch it and you will be hooked. Trust me. I can't wait to see how she shakes things up.

I shall end this now before I disclose any more (a bit embarrassing) things about myself. But I'd love to hear your summer tv shows.
What am I missing?
Are you judging me for my love of all things "reality?"
Can we still be friends?

All questions I'd like you to answer. And give me some topics to blog about while your at it....
Till then, I have to go watch Bravo's The Fashion Show. (It's no Project Runway, but it will do.)


Ashley Mae Photo said...

Okay you have just blogged about my favorite things. I will be your friend Hayley.
#1- The Bachelorette. I heart Jake & Reid. If she doesnt let the foot man or wes go this week I will scream.
#2- The Hills? Honestly I cannot stand Kristen, she is hot but thats all. I tell myself i wont watch it but deep down- I know I will.
Im glad someone shares my embarrassing loves for reality TV.

KIRSTEN said...

YEAH - I'mnot the only 28 year old fan of the Hills!

Kristen said...

oh glad you think I'm hot...sad to know you can't stand Oh must be talking about that Reality Show I have yet to watch.
I have found a new love..."So You Think You Can Dance?"
Have you watched that one yet?

Nyman's said...

ba-bye Wes, he needs to go, but my heart belongs to Ed. However, your right bowl full of loosers doesn't begin to describe it. Next lets blog about our favorite foods :)

Hayley said...

Yes, I do like that Ed. I forgot about him.

laci said...

I'm not sure which bachelors I like as much as I'm sure about the one I DON'T. And cowboy dude is one of them. I can't say I'm excited about Kristen coming back either. It just won't be the same without Lauren, so I don't know if I'll continue watching...but I agree with someone above, I think you need to get into So You Think You Can Dance. Awesome!!

P.s. HI! :) Haven't blog chatted you in awhile.

Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

You are too funny! I admit I'm one without DVR or cable. I figure I spent too much time on the computer as is, without fun shows to rot my brain.

Lorinda said...

I'm more and more amazed at how much we really are so much alike, sista! I love Jake on The Bachelorette! Kiptyn is my second fav. Hopefully this is the start of getting back your blogging mojo:)

Kristin said...

Yes . . . I gasped right along with you at bunco :) I too love theses shows and love your comments! Keep on blogging girl cause you make me laugh :)

Letti said...

I love my DVR to and I know that it is true. I spend so much less time watching TV now that I have it. I love reality shows too. Last night I found a new one on MTV called 16 and pregnant. I like how they show the reality of having a baby at such a young age. I am also a huge Days of our Lives fan but please don't tell

Eileen said...

You crack me up! You can not EVER lose you blogging MoJo. Just don't.
And now I will say it outloud: I hate reality TV. I'm so old. Please say we can still be friends.

LOVE your backyard park!

Charee B Mcclellan said...

we use to have dvr and i thought that i would never go without...when we moved into our home 2 years ago..we never renewed! trust has been very hard to go without....i have no clue what is going on with the hills and such..but my bunny ears do help with the basic channel reality shows. i must say i do like the newly weds too...last year was much better than this. BUT i do get a kick with the mormon couple. i dont judge you, i think you are right on with the shows and the topics.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

We just got dvr about a month ago. Actually, we just got cable when we moved here. I didn't even have TV for 7 years!!! It is a whole new world for me......

Traci said...

Hayley, I too love the reality shows! Especially the ones you mentioned! I like Reid and Kiptyn on the bachelorette! And I am really going to miss Lauren on the Hill but it will be interesting to see what Kristin will offer! Drama I am sure, lots of Drama!

Dustin and Shelli Chambers said...

I actually think it would be good for me if someone did make me choose between DVR and food. Because DVR would win. its life changing, and I am not embarrassed to admit it. :)