Sunday, December 14, 2008

A day of Favorites.

(This post is for you Kyle :)

This last Thursday marks 1 year since the crappy cancer came back. One whole year! One whole really, really, really, long year. For the last few months I have been thinking of ways to celebrate Travis, and how freaking awesome he is for going to battle once a week for the last year. When I told him I wanted to celebrate somehow he looked at me like I was crazy-"You want to celebrate me having cancer for a year???".

That's not really how I was looking at it. I was thinking more along the lines of surviving cancer for a year, and doing it with such integrity. He should be proud.

He rarely complains. He still goes to work every single day, cankers and all. He is always fun to be with, and takes great care of all of us. He is always up to do whatever the girls need, even if he feels like crap, and dang it, I knew he just needed a day to be spoiled.

(Because I am an awesome, awesome, awesome wife.)

So one of my friends had the brilliant thought to give him a surprise "day of favorites", and I thought that was a great idea. Not to mention affordable considering Christmas is just around the corner.

He woke up to one of his very favorite things in the whole world.
Krispy Kreme's, fresh, thanks to a very good friend who commutes. (Thanks again!) And we all know that hot cocoa is a favorite!
He got a bottle of this: his favorite soda.
And a pass to do his very favorite thing in the whole world:
I had planned to take him here (his favorite restaurant) for lunch, but we ended up having a Christmas party at 5:00 at the Coppermill, and we didn't really want to eat a big lunch.
So instead, I brought him some of these favorite yummy treats: oreo truffles.
And of course he got a visit from his favorite ladies.

And he got some tickets for his favorite team, the Aggies. (Thanks Ame!)

I know...I know, it seems like a lot of food, but I also made him his favorite dessert for a little bedtime snack. (I must really love him, because this is one of my least favorites!).

Banana Cream Pie...

It was such a fun day, and I think it will be a fun thing to do each year. (Only 50 more to go, give or take a few...).

I love you T.


Bre said...

You really are an awesome awesome wife!! It looks like Trav has quite a few of our favorites as well. I Love banana cream pie, aggie games and Steve's "bottle" I call it always has Dr.Pepper in it! COngrats to a year of courage and strength. I admire you both!

Eileen said...

What a fun idea! I love that we all get to be a part of all the fun in your life. Congrats on the one year mark!

I love my red box and it's contents. Thank you! And the little delivery elf was just so numtious!!!

Kristin said...

It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate! Travis is a lucky man to have you around.

The Drysdale's said...

I really need to take some pointers from you on being a better wife, and I hope that is not a picture of your actual banana cream pie, because then I will need to envy your skills that much more.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

I love that you did all of that stuff for Travis, and I am sure that he really appreciates it!!! I know I would!! Also, in response to your question on my blog, no, I unforunately won't be going to Utah for the holidays. I will however be having a great time in Hong Kong and Tokyo! So as much as I will miss seeing everyone in Logan and my family, this will be a fun time. I promise to call you next time I am in Logan, even though I do not know when that will be. Maybe next summer? 2009? Seems like we need a 10 year reunion :)

Chanelle said...

I love that idea, I bet he felt so spoiled for a day and heaven knows he deserves it!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for awhile and am so impressed w/the courage and love that your family has. Just a word on the canker sores...has Travis tried rinsing his mouth w/ milk of magnesia? Surprisingly it helps with some of the worst ones, Good Luck in the future, Suzy

Trisha said...

This was such a great idea. I think Travis is amazing and I look up to you for facing everything with such courage!

Candace said...

I am so glad the day of favorites went so well! I hope he enjoyed it; heaven knows he deserves it! You are a great wife to do all of it for him.

Amy Johnson said...

You really are such a great wife! You guys are so lucky to have each other!!

Katie said...

I've said it once (or twice, or a million times!) but I have to keep saying that I think you guys are amazing because you are. You have taken this trial and blessed and touched so many other people. I know Heavenly Father and His Son are proud of you and love you so much. Cangratulations on a very hard, but amazing year. Loves!

Lorinda said...

You are an awesome, awesome wife! You know how much I love you all and look up to you for all you go through and your positivity! Hugs!

Hanne and Fam said...

I bet he isn't complaining anymore about you celebrating! What a fun idea that shows Travis how much he means to you guys! You are always full of great ideas!

Jill said...

I loved that you celebrated him. You are such a good wife. You always talk about how great he is but you are also his crutch to lean on and it takes a good women to handle things so well. You 2 are both an insperation.