Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Happenings

Where do I begin? I'll start by telling you that I took about a zillion pictures, and plan on adding a good chunk of them to this post. So if you feel like skipping it and getting to the point, I will tell you, it was lovely. All of it.
For those of you in for the long we go.

My favorite tradition at our house is that Mrs. Claus leaves the girls a new outfit every year on Christmas morning. (I used to do her hair, so we are tight like that...) And boy, does she have good taste? I mean seriously, leg warmers! Well done Mrs. Claus!
Our Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house with all of my siblings and cousins galore. It was just what Christmas Eve should be with Christmas music blaring, all of us laughing, the cousins checking to see where Santa was every 5 minutes, great food, and lots of games.

First on the agenda was gingerbread houses, and this was a so much fun. My family tends to make everything a competition, and this was no different. I still think ours is the best...but whatever.

Sienna just wanted to lick the frosting/glue and she was happy!

The gang.

This is my very favorite moment of the night. The girls dancing to Christmas music with Daddy. It was such a care free, beautiful moment. I sure love my family!Next up was "Santa" bingo. Even the little ones loved this, and were super excited to get some early Christmas prizes.
And then the traditional Christmas Eve Jammies from Grandma. They are sure a darling group of kids, and Grandma got them some darling Pj's. (She spoils them all rotten!)This is another favorite moment of the night. Each of the grandkids gave Grandpa a figurine to his new (and loved) Christmas village. I just thought this picture was darling and this was a tradition in the making!
Then we played "pass the present", and listened to grandpa read the Nativity. It was very sweet to watch the kids, who had been loud and crazy all night, sit down and listen and remember the reason for all the celebrating.
When we went home I expected a long battle to get the girls to sleep, but they were so exhausted they hit the pillow and were out. Of course, I was too excited to let them sleep in much on Christmas morning, and woke them up at 6....but it was worth it, because it really was so much fun. They both really felt the magic of it all and loved every single thing they got. Adyson would even pull out something silly out of her stocking, like toothpaste, and gasp with excitement. It was an unforgettable morning.And for the record,

Adyson's favorite gift from Santa:her peek-a-boo dollhouse and her Barbie car.

Sienna's favorite gift from Santa:her Tinkerbell, vacuum, and Mamma Mia. (Don't judge.)

After a delicious Turkey dinner that my mom slaved over, we made the trek to The Kidman's in Tremonton to get spoiled once again. We played pass the present (a Kidman family tradition), and played some fun games, which the girls totally dominated... Adyson just wanted to play restaurant, and served Grandma and I some delicious dinner, Sienna ate, and ate, and ate Grandma's soup. They both loved looking at her beautiful village, and watching the train go around the tree. We had such a great time, until we left that is. Because then we hit the most awful road and driving conditions we have ever been in. I'm telling you, we couldn't see a thing and seemed to be the only car headed in our direction pioneering the way. It took us an hour and 45 minutes to get home, and I darn near cried a few times. It was possibly the whitest Christmas I've ever seen, and it is beautiful, as long as you are warm and cozy in your home. :). We had a really wonderful time though, and it was even worth the drive from hell!!

Last year Christmas was a blur with everything that happened just weeks before. We tried to make it a wonderful day, but "it" was always pretty much in the back of our minds. This year, it was just all so perfect. It was spent with family, friends, and chuck full of magic. Thanks to my mom and Trav's mom for making everything so special. Our girls are sure loved! I am sad that it is already over, but so thankful that it turned out the way it did! I hope you all had a very lovely, and very safe day as well.

Phew. I'm spent.


Kristen said...

Great traditions that you and your family have for the Christmas Season. Hope you post a picture of the Gingerbread House. I love to see what kind of things people come up with.
p.s. KE Girls need to plan a lunch while Heather is still in town. What do you think?

The McClellan Clan said...

Once again TOO cute. I love your little family and I LOVE all your traditions!! Your kids will cherish those when they grow up and get married!

Letti said...

I love their outfits that Mrs. Claus picked out for them. What a nice treat. I loved all of your pictures. Your family sounds like so much fun. I am with you I am sad that it is over. I love Christmas time.

Jill said...

The roads were bad. It took us forever to get home too. I was freaking out the whole time so I had to just sit back and close my eyes. I love the MRs.Claus idea. I had a kitchen like that when I was little, I'm having flash backs. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful christmas!!!!

Lorinda said...

We have so many of the same traditions. No wonder I always felt so at home with your family!

Eileen said...

How adorable! I love everything. You so deserved a PERFECT holiday.

Shelly and her boys said...

It all Sounded so lovely! Wasn't the weather terrible, I thought we were going to die just driving back from Newton.

I'm glad you had a merry christmas!

Jas & Cam Fam said...

Holy Moly you are on the ball! I don't know when I will ever get my kids pictures up and blogged! It looks like you guys had a great one!

Jas & Cam Fam said...

YOu always do fun things together! I remembere seeing Mrs. Clause at Old Navy when she was picking out those outfits! just inspired me to get my pictures up so that I have them up before Valentines (I never did my THanksgiving)

Melissa said...

What fun traditions! I love that your mom buys all the kids pj's, it makes for a super cute picture! Glad you guys had a great Christmas!!!

Trisha said...

Looks like a great time!

Morrell's said...

I love all the awesome family traditions! Christmas sounded great at your house! Happy New Year!!!

Kylene said...

I love the daddy/daughter dancing pic. Very cute.

Happy New Year to you and your adorable family.

Ashley Mae said...

I ditto that; i love the Daddy Dancing picture. So precious! Im glad you had an awesome Christmas! Happy new year!

Guymon Family said...

What an awesome holiday. I am so so glad that you could focus on happy things this year. I so love your family traditions. I love my family and have so much fun, but it seems we just talk and eat and the kids play. We need to do a bit more in the planning dept. I would love it if you could share some ideas. My bro. is coming home from his mission in a little over a week, and we need some fun ideas. Love your pictures, you have the most clever way of writing things too. So much wit and energy!

Chanelle said...

So sweet! We were doing the same drive from Tremonton about the same time as you! I've never been so nerve wracked!