Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I was pretty bored with American Idol tonight. I wasn't super impressed with anyone, though I will admit that David Cook sounded great....I hate having to admit that he is growing on me. I still love Brooke and Jason, and am just happy that AO went home. I didn't miss her at all. I wondered more than once why Paula would ever think that those gloves were doable. Oh the sytlings in this season just get worse and worse...am I right? Oh and I double hate it when Syesha does the "baby cry." It's terribly annoying, yes? Other than that there wasn't anything super noteable. I was hoping Randy would say another great word..but he left me bored too dawg. Did I leave anything out? Enough about them.

Travis has felt pretty terrible for the last week or so. His throat has hurt again, and his tongue has been swelling and canker filled, poor thing! You can tell he is exhausted! This week he gets to take the day off and we are both thrilled! It is much needed. I think if he had to go much longer he would start feeling as awful as he did in his first round, and who needs that really?

We are hoping for a great weekend full of something fun...any ideas?


Matt & Jill said...

I hated Paula's gloves. Everytime she was talking all I could do was look at the ugly gloves and whatever else she was wearing. I hope Travis gets feeling better so you guys can do something fun.

Mommamort said...

I agree idol was bad last night and I haven't heard of anyone who liked the gloves. Sorry to hear Travis is not feeling well. You are both so strong and brave.

laci said...

I too was a bit disappointed in Idol. I'm happy to hear David C. is growing on you. Hair can be fixed later right? Except for maybe his since it seems he's trying to cover his balding spots. I almost threw the remote at the TV when I heard Syesha start the baby cry. I'm happy there is no more Amanda to fast forward through, now Chicrappy needs to go. (I stole that idea from Travis) :) I hope this week gets better for you guys! As for something fun, we tried bowling for reals last weekend, rather than the Wii. I realized I like virtual better. :)

Morrell's said...

Yah I didn't think I would say it but Cook is growing on me! It wasn't to exciting this go around! Although I almost lost my dinner when I saw Paula's gloves!!!

Melissa said...

i'm glad someone else noticed the terrible gloves, i hate that the 80's are back in full force. i forgot to tvo the results tonight, i'm kind of glad. i didn't have to waste my time watching ryan make crazy drunk remarks, the rediculous group song, and what is with the fans calling in with dumb questions?? i just googled it, and saw that chakeezie is off. i think wednesday nights i am going to start googling instead of wasting an hour of my life.

Letti said...

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mortonfam said...

Let's be honest. Paula is a mess and I'm not talking hot mess, just a mess. The gloves were one thing, then she piles on hideous jewerly all over them! And her shirt? What? Please help.

You failed to mention Simon's display of chest hair coming out of his low v-neck. No likey.

I knew you'd come around on D.C. Underneath his hair is a talented young man (not cocky). All the rest... boring.

Cody & Ashley Godfrey said...

I agree with the style trauma this year. Why would Ramielle(however you spell it) where that outfit. She's much to short. She looked like a little squaty person!
I agree with you on the gloves...YIKES! Paula's stylist should be fired!
Still love Brooke!
Maybe if Trav is feeling great you should go to Hogle Zoo. That's my idea of a fun family day. I don't know what the weather's going to be like, or for that matter your children. Hopefully this break time around you'll all be healthy. I'll be crossing my fingers for you!