Tuesday, March 11, 2008

He's bringing Stellar back

I know you are all excited for The Kidman AI review, right? Well, here you go, I'll admit, I'm not feeling super funny tonight, so you may have to settle for boring. I hope you don't mind.

Syisha: I guess it was fine. She still seems super cheesy to me, but I'm guessin' she's staying around for a while. Any fans of hers out there? I'm curious.

Chikeezy: A conversation for you. The music begins.

Me: Oh crap, he's gonna do good.

Travis: Yep, but don't you think he looks a whole lot like Carlton Banks.


Me: Don't you think he has Crazy eyes?
Travis:Ya they are Chicreepy. Will you put that on your blog?

Travis, you made your cameo, and yes...Chicreepy indeed. I will admit that he did much better tonight, but he still seems to be a crazy eyed version of Carlton. You be the judge.

Ramiel: She always sings good I think, but she is just boring. I think she needs to find out what style of CD she would make, because Ramiel, boring doesn't sell. And to my hair stylilst friends, have you noticed the serious ugly of the back of her hair yet? Very mulletous.

Jason: I thought he did pretty good. I like this guy, dreads or not. I think he is very understated. But, did anyone notice the flowers in his hair in his clip at the beginning? No to the flowers dude, your pretty enough already!

Carly: I liked her. I think she may be the best singer out of the girls. She's not my favorite girl though (brooke gets that honor), but she is really good still. Did anyone notice that Randy said she was Stellar. Stellar Randy? Tubular maybe, Gnarly for sure...but Stellar?

David: In the clip of him at the beginning, he had blue fingernails. I thought he tried to hard before, now I just think he is nuts. Girls, please don't be offended if your hubby/boyfriend has blue nails, I just can't dig it. Last week I thought he did wonderfully, but I really didn't like him this week and was bummed when the judges love him. I know I have some David fans reading my blog, so tell me girlies, what do you see in him?

Brooke: My favorite girl. She is so mellow, and so classy. I love her voice, and can see myself adding her to my project playlist someday. I think she is so cute.

David: I don't like him. I have nothing witty to say, I just don't like him.

Amanda: My opinion will not change about her. I totally and completely dislike her voice. And more than anything, I totally and completely dislike her hair. Amanda, helmet head is not good. It may seem mean, but she really reminds Travis and I of these 2. Ouch.

Michael: I actually liked his performance tonight. I think he is good and would like to see him stick around for a while.

Kristy: I think even if I were a country fan, I wouldn't have liked her tonight. Her voice is really shaky to me. I think she is beautiful, but I think she may head home.

David: Oh David, you broke my heart tonight. I told Travis you were due to have a bad night, and then you came out and sang, and had a worse than bad night. I felt so bad for him. He still is cute as can be, but I hope we get to see a good performance soon! On a side note, who doesn't know Beatles songs?


Kristen said...

I know what you mean about David. He looked like he wanted to cry and usually I don't care, but I feel the need to protect. I think Paula does too. Poor kid...next week he has to do better. and I LOVE BROOKE still.

Shelly and her boys said...

For trying not to be funny, I still had a pretty good laugh. I totally agree with your opinion on everyone. You have a good ear.

Melissa Hernandez said...

I always get excited to read your reviews because I think you are always right on. I seriously wanted to cry for little David. I was watching the news this morning and they were saying that he has a huge disadvantage because he has to go to school for 3 hours a day so he doesn't get to practice as much. I think he is so loveable though, he's not going anywhere. America will forgive him for the forgotten lyrics.

Amy Johnson said...

I laughed so hard at the Carlton/Chikeze thing! Oh, I will never look at him the same again! He really is like a chunky Carlton...if only he would do that cheezy little dance!

laci said...

You are hilarious. I remember making some "Uh oh, he's gonna do good" statement with Chekezie. All I can say is at least he's real. But oh my, a Carlton twin! Yuck to Amanda, as always. Which David had blue fingernails? I'm afraid I missed that...if it was David Cook I'm sad, but I still stand by him. David Hernandez the stripper can go home, soon hopefully! And poor little David A. that was totally uncomfortable to watch. But come on, his mom was barely born when the Beatles were cool.

mortonfam said...

Let's chat...
My problem with Cacheezie is that his front teeth are much too small, or his gums are too long, that's for you to decide.

Love Jason, love. Don't love his interviews... too akward. Bless his heart.

David Cook? Really? You didn't like it? He didn't even hit my radar until last week (other than his horrifying and thinning hair.) Loved him last week, loved him more this week. Rockers can have colored finger nails, it's allowed. I have the memo somewhere.

Loved Brooke, loved Aussie, little David will come around. Everyone else can go.

Haueter Photography said...

Love your idol updates. I agree with you on most all of them. I think that I like dread boy the best right now with Brooke a close second. And i really felt bad that David forgot the words because I like him too.

Jan said...

Love the Carlton man comment. I'm wondering if can he dance like Carlton? I haven't seen idol in weeks so the updates are fuuny. I'll take your word for it.

Matt & Jill said...

That's funny I always thought Chikeezy looked like Pratt on ER. (I don't know his realy name.) I love to read your reviews. You should post them in the HJ :)

Morrell's said...

I love this AI review! It always make me laugh! I am so glad to hear that a lot of you like Jason. I had the same thought about the whole flower clip. But, I really like him! I love David A. and Brooke!