Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The recap.
Amanda-Same crap, different day. Who is voting for this girl? Oh I guess these guys are...

Kristy Lee-I love her personality. I think she is just cute and laid back, but I don't think she sings well. I think we may say goodbye to her...but who knows, I certainly haven't been right so far!

David Archuletta-David is just so ridiculously cute. I love his goofy laugh and can't get enough of him! I think he can totally sing, I think he is so cute, and I think he is totally loveable....but, I don't know how I feel about him making an album. I feel like when he sings upbeat songs, he gets a little High School Musical, so I hope he can find a nice balance between his balads, and upbeat songs that don't cheese him out. I was so happy that he redeemed himself from last week, and love watching him be totally embarrassed about the tweens cheering for him.

Michael Johns-I didn't think he did as bad as they thought he did. I like him. I totally agreed that the arrangement was all over the place, but I still like him. Any fans out there?

Brooke White-She looked awfully pretty in the yellow dress that only she could pull off. She just needs to stick to singing, because it's a known fact that mormons can't dance...right? I like her when she just sings without trying to perform to much, but I think she will be totally safe. I loved that she just kept on a talking tonight. I think she likes the spotlight.

David Cook-The voice-box=lame. He just tries too hard. I told T tonight when I close my eyes, I dig him, but then I open my eyes and I do not. I hated watching him throw out his guitar pick, and had that super cocky face on. It bugged me and I loved that Simon called him out on it. Weekly I wonder how far back his hair line goes. It's a mystery folks.

Carly-I liked her once again. She sings beautifully, but when she started speaking about why she sang that song I just wanted her to shhh, It was a bit cheesy for me. I did like that Randy tried to make the word "cooliosis" cool. I can't wait to see what word he will use next week. He reminds me a bit of Lacey Chabert in mean girls. "Fetch is not going to happen." That will only make sense if you have seen that movie, if you haven't, just bypass that sentence. Thankyou. Did anyone catch her hubby? He is a tat covered man, just an observation.
And for Jody: Listen to her lovely accent mon. It will help you during our next curses game matey.

Jason-Oh, the tight pants, the tucked in shirt. Not his best look. Tragic really. I feel as though he is high during his interviews...does anyone else see it? I see a weed scandal for him in the future. I still love you though Jason, I just hate your dreads.

Sayesha-I loved her tonight. She sang on of my favorite songs and was much more toned down tonight, just like I like her to be. I loved her dress too, it was perty.

Chickezie-What else is there to say? I love a good harmonica (who doesn't really?), but for some reason it was a bit much for me tonight. I don't hate him as much as I used to, that's something, right?

Ramiel-Ramiel, Ramiel, Ramiel. Who in the world styles you? They should be fired. I was a bit distracted during her performance. I was busy looking at the following. Glittered eyes, the hat, the shirt, pants, or jumpsuit...you tell me. No seriously, was that terrible outfit of hers a 2 piecer or a 1 piecer? I'd like to know.


Maegan said...

Not a great night. I agree with Simon that they shouldn't have done Beatles again. I thought that was dumb. I don't even think I could pick a favorite of the night.

Melissa said...

Personally I was just bummed that it was Beatles 2 weeks in a row. I'm probably one in a few that doesn't understand how the beatles made so many #1's with such terrible songs. I know, more balls are going to be flying at my car after that statement. I am just ready to hear everyone sing some songs that I can sing along with.

Lorinda said...

I definately think that they should have left the Beatles' songs alone after last week. I had so many favorites, but this week...wasn't very great. I really did like Saeysha's(I know I didn't spell that right)version of Yesterday though. My favorites are David Archelleto, Brooke White, Michael John, and though I do think that David Cook could really make an album, his hair stinks!

Troy and Cami said...

are we on for a play date this friday. melissa called and mentioned going to the soft play at the fun park and getting some lunch to take there. we were thinking 11 00. what do you think.

Morrell's said...

Yeah, Amanda's gone! I do agree with most all your reviews and still enjoy reading them. Can I say that your girls are so beautiful! You continue to amaze me and bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for being the person you are!

Cody & Ashley Godfrey said...

I just love Brooke, and I was laughing out loud at her HORRIBLE dancing.
Amanda...YUCK! I'm so happy she's gone. I can't take any more of that hair, and it continues to get worse. Tell me how that happens with already the worst hair EVER!
About "Baldy",I just forgot his real name. Seriously he should Bic his head or something. That hair line is horrible. There is no hiding it!
Not a great night, I agree! This week I was critiquing the hair more than the singing!

Cody & Ashley Godfrey said...

How do you spell critiquing anyway?

Amy Johnson said...

Right now I'm torn with who I am more in love with...David A. or Jason! They both are just so loveable and shy and cute! I'm stoked that Amanda is gone gone gone!!! I agree, they need to move past the Beatles. Everyone just sounds awkward and all the same!

The Wolfley Family said...

Thanks again for the updates! We finally got to watch last night and it totally helped to have your backgrounds. LOVE that you made fun of Jody!