Thursday, May 15, 2014

{Mothers Day, Spring time}

The latest around here:

Roo took a field trip to the farm.
Clearly, she saw cows.

And I guess I'm a brand new blogger because for the life of me I can't get this sucker to rotate...
but Adyson and I have been either
A-wanting to tear each others hair out.
B-being best friends.

Is this what happens when your first little one grows up?
I love it.
I hate it.

The girls and I have spent a few afternoons here.
Spring has sprung.
We are smitten.

The most exciting news around here?
The girls made the LIGHT team at school.
What is that?

It's a new program the school is starting next year where they implement Steven Covey's 7 habits.
They will plan and carry out a lot of activities for the school and really learn to lead.
The girls had to fill out an application on their own.
(Questions were like this: Which Disney character are you most like?
What would you do to change the school?
What makes you a good leader?)
I let them fill these out ALL ALONE and was so proud when I read their answers.

After the applications they had to go early to school to an interview.
We talked about what to expect during an interview the night before and got them all prepped.
When I walked into the other room I heard Adyson tell Sienna that 
"This is just like real life, and will really prepare them for the future."
So cute.

They had interviews, and then Friday they got told whether they were chosen or not.
One kid per each class next year got in,
and both of the girls came home grinning!
I am so excited for them and  happy for them.
What a great opportunity for them!

Insert random stunning pic of Roo's hair.
I have hair envy and feel the need to blog it.

A sign summer is coming.
Adyson doing homework at dusk outside.
We are ready!

Mothers day came.
I woke up with a lump in my throat,
that disappeared when my little girls treated my like a queen.
I realize I am very blessed with sensitive little sweeties.

Every single night I thank the Lord for trusting me with them,
for the way they remind me of Travis, and I pray that I can guide them how I need to.
They challenge me.  They make me cry and laugh and scream,
but I couldn't possibly love them, or my job raising them any more then I do now.
Thanks to my mother in law for carrying on Trav's tradition of hanging baskets for mothers day.
They are just stunning!

My mother in law was in my thoughts for the entire day.
I ached with her, for her son not being here, and my husband-who made me a was a tough day.
She had to speak in Sacrament meeting and did a beautiful job.  I was proud of her,
and I know Trav would have been too.
She raised Travis right-and should be proud.

Then my mom took the girls and bought me this darling aqua breakfast nook for my porch.

I LOVE it so much.
It's darling.

I felt spoiled.
We capped the day off at my moms house....letting her cook for us.
Bless her heart.

This year my mom has rescued me more times then I can count.
Let's be honest...the past few years shes done that.
She has helped me in every aspect of my life,
and shown me that I can do this.
I am so grateful to her,
she is a wonderful mom, and a wonderful person, and friend.
I love her so much.

Mothers day was hard, 
but we made it through another first.
I only ate 3 pieces of cake to get me through it!

(not kidding.)

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Matt Payne said...

i'm glad it was a good day for you. love the table and chairs!