Saturday, June 21, 2014

{A little Summer Recap}

Roo finished her rec soccer with a bang.
She had a fun team this year, and great coaches,
and she really learned to love the game.
And I can't tell you how much I love watching her play.
She also had her dance revue.
I think she's kinda lovely!

I got to go to lunch with this beauty.
A friend through thick and thin.
I love her so dearly!
The girls had their end of the year programs at school.
No words for how proud I am of them.
In a year where they could've sank...
they swam.
I'm raising little warriors.
Roo got to go to a restaurant with her teacher,
and I got to drive....
Holy moly.  It was a zoo in my car!
Such fun!
Katie has made it her mission to keep me from being a hermit.
Gosh I love her!
We played hookie and sluffed school for some shopping with Courtney and Cate.
A totally fun girl day!
And then that night I took Adysons friends for ice-cream late at night.
I really love being her mom!
Adyson has taken summer seriously.
She will sleep as late as I will let her!
(Pic taken at 10!)
We survived another first.
Memorial day.
My heart was warmed every time I saw another flower added to Trav's headstone.
I love knowing others are remembering him and mourning him along with us.
Gosh we miss him.

Roo loved soccer so much she tried out for a competitive team.
Future Aggie below. :)
She celebrated by a pinks.
Summer shakes.
Yes please.
Adysons class went to Trav's grave on the last day of school.
I love it and hate it so much.
The last day of school.
The girls came home to welcome summer baskets...
with sunscreen, bubbles, a skip it, and darling hats.
They were thrilled.
Car dancing.
This happens daily.
The girls left me love notes while I mowed the lawn one day.
Yes, they are keepers!

A Pool day with some of our favorite friends!
My sweet niece spent a week here.
I adore her!  We had such a great time.
We met up with cousins at Lagoon one day.
That day, was a missing Travis day.
The kids had a blast though.

We spent the night in SLC for a mini vacation.
Eva's for breakfast.
Cousin time at Temple Square.
Such a lovely morning.
And then my mom and I took them for tea time at the Grand.
So fun and girly!  I learned quick my kids don't have English tea manners!

Shopping at City Creek.
Adyson had a little photo shoot with a friend.
Aren't they darling?
Katie, making sure I smile some more.
My kids have spent a lot of time with friends.
I love this happy shot of them!
Doing yard work all on her own.
What a kid!
Fathers day.
Fathers day was tough.
And unfair.
We sluffed church and tried to make it a lovely day anyhow.
I was proud of my girls for smiling through it.

We ended up having my family over for dinner.
And it was a decent afternoon.
My dad.
No words for how much I love him.
I got very lucky.
(The girls and I opted for polka dots..)
Someone stop her from using her peace sign...
And this shirt was made for her also.

We hope to have some more fun summer plans in store!

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