Tuesday, May 6, 2014

{Roo's Special Day}

Sienna's baptism brought pretty much every emotion in the book.
Travis was missed.
Dearly, dearly missed.
We all were heartbroken he wasn't there,
and the void was felt awfully heavily.
And Sienna felt it....
she wanted him there so much and was heartbroken he couln't be.
I prayed and prayed that she would feel special.
That she would be happy.
And she would know her Dad was there and proud of her.

And she was so happy. 
She beamed with joy all day long,
and I couldn't be more proud of this strong,
joyful, amazing girl,
who is like her Dad in so many ways.
She gave him a pretty awesome b-day gift this year!
I adore this kid.
I am so proud of her for smiling through a hard day and letting herself feel happy through it all.

Simon got baptized in the morning, about an hour before Roo.
We loved sharing the day with him, and pretty much adore this boy.
But, I wont lie,
the reality of Travis not being there hit me most when all the men went to stand in the circle 
when he was confirmed.
It just didn't seem real, or right, that my Travis wasn't standing there with them.
Oh we miss him!
These two shared a blessing day,
and now a baptism.
Wonder if they will get married the same day...?
I love them both!
And I like her too...

Travis wanted to be here for Sienna's baptism,
and really, when it came right down to it,
that was probably the thing he was saddest about.
About a week before he passed he wrote her a letter to be read at the baptism.
I was so glad she had words from him,
a reminder that he is still watching over her,
and that he wont stop loving her.
And that he really hated not being there too!

I treasure these simple words.

Dear Sienna,
I am so proud of you today  for the choice you made to be baptized and to be an example to all of your family and your friends.  You don’t know how much I wish I could be there with you physically, but I promise you, I’m watching you and smiling down with the Angels of heaven.  I am so glad of the choices you’ve been making in your young life.  I ask you Sienna, to please make more good decisions.  I remember a little girl who told me once she wanted to be the best soccer player, and how hard you tried to make that goal, and you did it, because you tried so hard.  Sienna, your family loves you, very, very much.  I promise you I will be watching over you as much as I can.  As you get the Holy Ghost you will have another friend to help you and guide you.  Please ask for his help.  Please continue to be a good girl.  Help your mom.  Be friends with your sister.  And remember that we all want the best for you.  Please don’t lose your smile.

I love you.


I told Sienna to pick whoever she wanted to baptize her,
and she asked her Uncle Jody.
He did a beautiful job.
The spirit was there, strong, and sweet.
I'm not going to pretend it felt ok,
watching her go into the font with someone other then Travis.
I wanted him there.
I hated him not being there,
but as soon as I saw the beaming smile,
and felt the room full of love,
I knew it didn't matter who did it,
Travis wouldn't have missed that day for anything,
and I hope Sienna never forgets it.
Thank you Uncle Jody for being such a good uncle,
and for loving Roo so much.
It was lovely.

My dad confirmed her,
and why I didn't get a pic I have no idea?
But it was a beautiful way to end her special day,
and I loved seeing her smile and hug some of the men who will step in
and help her any way they can-any time, for Travis.
(And wont forget her shaking the Bishop's hand instead of giving him a hug...it was darling.)

Our weekend ended with a Birthday party for my mom,
Sinco de linda!
She was surrounded by her favorite humans...
her grand kids.
I love my mom.
She is always serving,
thinking of others,
and would drop anything (and often does),
to help me out and take care of us.
Happy Birthday mom!


Mortons Love said...

Well now I'm a sobbing mess! What a beautiful letter from her dad! I love that! Glad you survived a hard hard day!

Matt Payne said...

Sienna is a beautiful girl. What a special day. How wonderful Travis left a letter for her, so sweet. ps your orange shoes are adorable!