Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I sometimes feel like I have a lot of pics of Roo,
and not a lot of Adyson.
This has nothing to do with me liking Adyson any less...
it's just that the darn kid is never home!

I do adore her.
I love who she is turning out to be.
I was able to spend a few hours at her field trip the other day in SLC.
So fun to see her in her element....
ignoring me for her friends. :)

Doesn't she just look like she adores me??!
I drove down with a few of my really good friends and we made an adventure of the day.
First: Shopping at my favorite boutique.
Second: Field Trip.
Third: Food Truck. YUM!
Fourth: a trip down memory lane...
driving in my grandpas neighborhood and finding the church where a friend got her engagements years ago.
And we stopped for some Ruby Snap cookies on the way home.
Life changing.

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