Sunday, August 19, 2012

{Bedroom Makeover}

We've been talking to the ladies about
new bedrooms for probably almost 2 years....
We had plans to finish the basement and move them
down there...and then we pay
medical bills instead-and go to Disneyland.

We finally decided that we'd
just redo the rooms upstairs till the basement
actually gets finished.

I was so excited to do this and begged
Travis to let me do whatever I wanted to them
for my Birthday.

Happy Birthday to me???
Lucky little ladies.

I didn't take any before shots.
Adyson's room was sage green,
butter yellow curtains and 
pastel, very young looking bedding.

We found this room on pinterest,
and LOVED it!
My budget was SMALL..
and my talent in comparison to that room is smaller.
So please don't compare because 
with pretty much using what I already had to work with
I still really feel like it turned out adorable.

Come for a tour of Adyson's room. 
(I used my iphone so the colors aren't 100% accurate..
Her walls are a greyish blue, and her accent colors 
are mustard yellow, turquoise, black, and hot pink.)

 She's always had this bead board shelf on her wall
so we worked with what we had.
I only bought 3 of the frames and the rest I already had
and just spray painted.
So crafty!
I am quite proud that I made the printables.
Except this one.
Isn't it adorable!?
(I made them in picmonkey and the resolution isn't 100% if you print them huge,
but they look fabulous in the sizes I made them in....I'd be happy to e-mail them if
anyone wants to print them.)

 The pillows are all Target.
Why doesn't the CV have a Target?

 This is the only thing that I still have to adjust...
I need to buy some chain link so this hangs a little lower.
And I need to keep an eye on this bird cage because Adyson
keeps trying to add 'stuffed animals' to it.
Not so cute.
 I adore this dresser.
Got here.
 My brother cut these letters out YEARS ago to go
on a shelf.  I just painted them and added brackets 
to hang them.
I really wanted these rooms to last a while.
She already had this desk/table, so I added
a lamp and magnet board and ipod dock
so she can do homework and art work here
and hang it up.
Such a cute little space for her.
 I adore these mirrors that my friend Katie was selling
for $1!
So lovely.
 And I LOVE this canvas.
Love I say!
 Oh the curtains.
I. do. not. sew.
And I have really talented bffs who do...
so I begged Candace to help me.
We went shopping and found a few fabrics and
I was gonna force her to make panels for me, 
when she came up with the idea to use this ruffle fabric
instead.  And guess what?
Just measure, cut, and add clips to hang.
Yes please!
And they look adorable.
I was a little worried about the black,
but the sun shines through the ruffles and it
doesn't look too heavy,
I don't think anyways.

 She is happy.
 And yes.  Those are onsie pjs.
Got here

And that ruffle bedding?
$30 at TJ Maxx.

I loved this printable so much both ladies got it in their rooms.
 Sienna's room before was cream on the bottom,
RED on the top, avocado green panels and
a red, cream, green quilt.
It was pretty, but SO not her.

I mentioned we've talked about this room redo's 
for a long time...and each time she's said she
wanted a ZEBRA room.
And I cringed.
And cringed.
But she was persistant.
And she's 6.
So I ran with it in the hopes that it would be ok.
Turns out, I kinda love it.
It's just SO her.

Her colors are white, black, hot pink, lime green, and aqua.

 The blue panels I originally bought for Ady's room
and the black for Sienna, but when I hung them,
they just fit better visaversa.
Love Candace for her ruffle drape brilliance!

 (The print on the top is sized wrong because apparently I can't 
measure...duh.  It will be replaced.)

 She used to have a dollhouse on her desk that
she never played with
Salt in the wound!

She was very excited to have a grown up space for her.
We found her dresser a while back.
I still kinda love it.
We did add these knobs..
because once your on the zebra train it's hard to get off.

 Can you tell?
ZEBRA pom poms?
How do you say no to that?l

 And the kid is happy!
This project really was so much fun,
and made me realize how much I can do.

I painted.
I hung the frames using a hammer and nails!
I made all but one printable.
I spray painted all the frames.

I usually force T to  do it all and really was so proud 
that I can do it.  It made it extra special. 
Hope you enjoyed your tour.
I don't plan on doing anything crafty for another year or so.


Jeniso Photography said...

So DARLING! Love!! You are so talented, and those ladies are very lucky to have you for a momma! XOXO

The Fluckiger Family said...

Love it all! Come do my kids rooms next, please!

Eileen said...

Beyond beautiful!

Jill said...

oh i love it. and so does allie. she said why don't you print those for me and hang them up. :)

Tara said...

Very cute girl rooms, good job on the craftiness. Love it!

Trisha said...

You say you're not crafty, but you totally are! I love it!